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5 Easy Steps to Eating Healthier Today


  1. Wake up with a glass of warm water spritzed with lemon

A cup of warm water in the morning is your new best friend. This combination is the holy grail for flushing out toxins and boosting your metabolism. Great for regulation and alertness, this morning habit is a must. (You can also try steeping tea for a caffeine kick). 

  1. Cut out processed sugar

While sugar is not inherently harmful, too much sugar, especially processed sugar, does much more harm than good. When our bodies take in too much sugar, our insulin level spike, causing our bodies to store excess fat. To combat, try cutting out processed sugars and instead opt for natural sweeteners found in fruit. *Fruit also contains fiber which studies show many humans have a deficiency of.

  1. Opt for complex carbohydrates

Simple carbs, for example, white bread, crackers and cakes are essentially processed in the body as sugar and used for energy. However, because simple carbs are so easy to digest, this often results in a fast spike in your body’s blood sugar post carb consumption and can cause weight gain (unless a person is extremely active). One easy way to enjoy your carbs without the worry of a spike is by eating more complex carbs, like sweet potato and brown rice. Complex carbs are slower digesting, and don’t spike your insulin the way simple carbs do.  

  1. Choose Darker greens

We all know mom was right about eating your vegetables, but what she might not have told you is the importance of eating dark leafy greens. Darker greens, such as kale and spinach, contain greater amounts of minerals and vitamins than lighter green like iceberg lettuce. Darker greens are nutrient dense and contain less water, making them the ultimate go-to snack for health nuts.


  1.  Water. Water. Water

There is nothing more important than staying hydrated and drinking enough water. The health benefits of staying hydrated (without drinking added sugars) are innumerable. Water helps to improve skin health, regulate your body’s internal processes and body temperature and supports your kidneys, just to name a few!






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