5 Reasons We Love Our Sample Palette




  1. Easy To Travel

Whether you’re going for a quick trip to the local farmers market, or heading to the Maldives for the weekend, our sample palette packs weeks worth of our signature fragrances into a compact that easily fits into your travel bag.

  1. A Scent for Every Day

Our sample palette is complete with 4 distinct and unique scents: Isle (Clean, Dewy, Fresh), Meadow (Floral, Chic, Beautiful), Coral (Fruity, Floral, Fruity) and Arrow (Spicy, warm, seductive), making it the perfect palette for whatever day and mood you’re in!

  1. Mix & Match Scents

If you are anything like us, mixing and matching different scents is a must. With our sample palette, there are over 20 different scent combinations possible, so finding the perfect pairing for whatever the occasion is easy. Variety really is the spice of life.

  1. It folds open like a perfume stand

Our sample palettes are uniquely designed to open and display all four scents on your bathroom counter, so there’s no need to dig through drawers and cabinets to find your fragrance. With the name of the fragrance in front of each scent pocket, all you need to do is choose!

  1. I don't lose the samples

Our sample palette keeps all your samples safe and accessible with our specially designed box that tucks perfectly into any purse or clutch. No hassle, just fun!



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