Instant Wanderlust: A Scent Inspired Vacay

Here’s a not-so-secret secret: The allure of a scent is its power to take you back — sometimes in a flash — to the place it came from. More than the soft scent of coconut, you’re inhaling the island breeze on a beach in Bahia. While the scent of French lavender brings with it the sway of of purple fields on a summer’s day in Provence. When you realize this, one thing becomes abundantly clear: Hidden within every lingering scent is an adventure just waiting to happen, a memory to be made.

With the official start of summer just around the corner, it’s no surprise that the the temptation to book a last-minute vacation gets stronger with each spritz. Good thing your favorite Skylar scent may also reveal a big clue as to where you should book your next flight.

Goa, India

Commonly known as a lily, “Tuberose” has a light, floral scent that makes Meadow balanced yet feminine.

Thought native to Mexico, Tuberose grows beautifully in many warmer climates, particularly in the southern parts of India where the weather tends to be warm and humid. While Tuberose can grow well in many areas of the country, the real question is: Who wouldn’t want to go to Goa?

Why we can’t resist: Full disclosure. This is a bit of a tourist destination, but for very good reason. Breathtaking beaches, a unique spiritual destination for yogis, and a hallmark of world architecture, Goa is a must on any semi-serious travel list. Much like the scent of Tuberose, it’s equal parts ethereal and alluring.

Where you’ll find us: Catching a surf lesson from a local (don’t worry, they have beginner levels too!).

Reggio di Calabria, Italy

The same citrus-y goodness that makes Earl Grey tea so distinctive also brings a crisp, clear undertone to Isle. (You guessed it: Bergamot!) 

This admittedly strange-looking citrus fruit grows right along the coast on a precious bit of land located at the tip of Italy’s “boot.” The most fragrant part of Bergamot is actually the rind, which is what is used in most oils and scents.

Why we can’t resist: The Calabria coast is a true vestige of everything romantic you’ve dreamed up about Italy. A chaotic melange of vespas, siestas, and old world cuisine, Calabria is one of the rare places that offers both unparalleled beaches and a breathtakingly mountainous landscape. Soak up the sun, visit world-famous national parks, and explore the little cliff-hanging towns like Tropea. 

Where you’ll find us: Just off the promenade, toes in the sand, getting our golden summer glow at Reggio Calabria Beach (or, well, any of the 10 or so other beaches nearby).

Burgundy, France

One of our favorite, yet often overlooked fruity scents is black currant, also known as “cassis” (featured in the equally bright Coral). 

Black currant thrives in similar conditions as grapevines, so it’s little surprise that we found an abundance of it amid some of the most famous red wine vineyards in the world.

Why we can’t resist: Burgundy is world famous not only for its wealth of red wine and black currants, but also for its art, gastronomy, and, well, castles. (The real kind.) Go a bit off the beaten path and you’ll find a vineyards for miles, as well as local black currant farmers nestled amid the hills overlooking Hautes-Côtes de Nuit. Back on the well-traveled road, you’ll find one of the meccas of french culinary arts and architecture so exquisite that even the perfect Instagram filter can’t fully capture. If you’re planning a trek around Europe this summer, make sure to fit a day or two in Burgundy into your full European excursion.

Where you’ll find us: Sipping some of Burgundy’s finest at Au Coeur du Vin, a local institution and wine-tasting tradition in the little northern village of Chablis.

Antananarivo, Madagascar

The secret behind what makes Arrow so grounding and yet so seductive? Madagascar Vanilla. 

While vanilla grows beautifully in the northeastern tip of the the island, adventuring in any other direction reveals endless travel-lusty possibilities.

Why we can’t resist: With everything from desert canyons, fruitful rainforests, and deep sea diving, Madagascar is everything you could want in a single trip. But it isn’t just the scenic adventures that make it diverse: more than 80% of the plant and animal life in Madagascar are completely unique to that area, and found nowhere else on earth. If you’re seduced by adventure, rich history, and warm beaches, add Madagascar to your travel bucket list.

Where you’ll find us: Somewhere in the jungle of Isalo National Park, taking in the canyons, waterfalls, and wildlife that only Madagascar can offer.

Ready, set, jet! 

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