Proof that Packaging Really Is an Art Form

From the very beginning, Skylar focused on what’s inside the bottle. But once all the careful formulating, testing, and refining was complete, a new question emerged: How will our vision shine through in design?

We had to come back to our own core belief: the sky really is the limit.

Rock star Skylar team member, graphic designer, and watercolor artist Jeff Fontelera took the reigns on this one. When asked how he decided on watercolor to represent Skylar, Jeff says he started with the name.

“Skylar. As in, ‘Skyward.’ There’s something ethereal and whimsically beautiful about that. But it’s also a call to action to go farther. To recognize that life doesn’t require clear rules. We encourage blurring the lines. I think watercolor invokes the sense of possibility that our brand represents.”

Beyond the name, our commitment to a cleaner fragrance had to come through, too.

“It’s also about what’s inside the bottle. Skylar’s products are conscious and meant to evoke good feelings. Watercolor is a way to personify that.”

handcrafted artist handmade handpainted natural perfume

From blank page to full color: A peek into process.

As a professional designer, Fontelera spends most of his days on the computer.

“I literally have to turn my computer off and just let spontaneity take me. [Once everything is prepped], I start applying color around with my brushes until I'm happy with something, or anything.”

The colors themselves were selected first through group collaboration.

Our team got together to look at various sources like Pinterest, some of our favorite blogs, and even the outdoors to come up with color palettes for each product. After several iterations, we discovered a set of color combinations that felt good to us — and captured the mood of the scent.

“I like the unexpected nature of watercolor. When watercolor strokes capture the bristle textures of the brush, when ink spreads and create shapes and depth and when everything dries up and creates something you've never seen before.”

There can be challenges with this type of paint, though.

“Watercolor isn't forgiving like oil paints, so sometimes applying a stroke of color or drops of water on the paper is a sort of rogue act of commitment. It teaches you to just to be happy with whatever comes out.”

That’s a good life lesson, if ever there was one.

In the end, it’s about creating an experience that our customers love.

“What matters most to me is for you to have a great experience of the brand. I hope infusing watercolor helps accomplish that.”


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