Our 2017 Gift Guide - Give a Gift That Lasts

Shopping Fatigue: It’s a thing. But before you wearily open another tab in your browser, get overwhelmed, and then resign yourself to giving Starbucks gift cards to everyone on your list (we’ve been there!), we suggest you check out our short, simple gift guide. We’ve made it easy to find personal gifts that last for your loved ones—and, let’s be honest, for yourself, too. (Psst...we’ll even gift wrap for free!)

For your favorite colleague: Arrow 
Ambitious, no-nonsense gals with go-get-‘em attitudes love this subtly spicy scent.

For the life of the party: Coral
Making spirits bright, it’s vibrant and flirty, justlike your favorite people magnet.

For your chic sister: Isle
Because a sophisticated wardrobe requires a sophisticated scent.

For your hippie roommate: Meadow
She may not be able to wear a daisy chain 24/7, but she can rock this lightly floral fragrance around the clock.

For the globetrotter: Sample Palette
Consider it a starter pack, and the perfect way to carry all our natural perfumes on the go.

For the unicorn in your life: Holiday Scent Duo (two scents for a special price of $100)
When “one size fits all” does not apply, give this special person TWO scents (and with a special savings!) so they can layer them and customize as they please.

You’ve still got time. Get shopping!










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