Behind the Scents: Handmade with Love

As a team, we’ve been been honored to make our way as part of the ever-growing Maker's Movement. That natural resurgence of tinkers, inventors, artists, and designers, just feels right to us. When it comes to personal products, it might be more important than ever. After all, who wants to put something on their body that’s made in ways and from ingredients that are totally disconnected from who we really are?

Our team operates from a simple premise: We all deserve products that are as thoughtfully created, as they are thoughtfully purchased. That are infused with intention, attention to detail, and — at the risk of sounding cheesy — a good bit of love.

“Everything, from mixing our scents to package design and even the packing itself, is done by hand. It’s the only way to be really intentional about the entire process. When we physically touch it, move it, create it...there is a subtle but discernable difference compared to something that has been mass manufactured.”

That’s from Cat Chen, founder of Skylar and the inspiring #girlboss who heads up our team. It’s exactly this scent-iment (can’t help ourselves) that led us to where we are today. So in each part of the process, intention is the name of the game, a hallmark of every “Maker,” and at the heart of our business.

“I hope everyone who experiences Skylar walks away with a sense of the value they are receiving. Truly exceptional ingredients, handled with love, made to become an intimate part of your days. That’s important to us.”

Clean ingredients sourced from around the world.

Our story starts in LA, but reaches every corner of the globe. To create a perfume that smells good and is good for you, we partnered with an experienced global fragrance house with standards as high as ours to make a collection of clean perfumes that are original — refined with the right amount of edge, distinctive without being overly complex.

We went to the source for each ingredient to ensure that each one is as fresh and effective as it can be. Bergamot from Italy, Cardamom from Guatemala, and Sandalwood from New Caledonia. The process of acquiring each ingredient indeed felt romantic (and also, at times, logistically intimidating!) but worth every drop.

A small (but mighty) artisan collective.

From our local perfumer to artisan bottler and the painter who watercolored our package design, Skylar has been carefully crafted by people with vision and passion for what they do.

Crafted by hand in small batches.

Sarah Horowitz and her team of artisans thoughtfully hand-crafted each bottle of perfume. As an LA-based perfumer with over three decades of experience, we knew Sarah was the perfect fit for Skylar because she demonstrates so much love and care for the small batches she makes.

Package design as an art form.

Watercolor Artist Jeff Fontelera has a rich professional background in graphic design and multimedia, but has always had a passion for art made by hand.

“Skylar presented the perfect opportunity to combine my professional skills with my artistic passion. I have a background in UX/UI design, so I know the technical ins and outs of what it takes to create a product experience that makes users feel connected to the brand.”

More on our package design and Fontelera’s process here.

And a commitment to purity.

A pure product is right alongside our commitment to intention, and actually a critical part of staying true to that value. If we are going to combine our create energies to make something, we want it to be special, unique, and worthwhile. So each of our products, our packaging, and even our packing peanuts (made of cornstarch!) work to deliver on that promise.

Still have a question about our process? Drop us a note at We’re always happy to chat.

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