Skylar + Bloom2Bloom

This Mother's Day, we wanted to bring joy to moms everywhere. We know how it is when you're shopping for your mom - you never know what to get her, you want to get her more than just flowers but not sure how to make it uniquely perfect, you are overwhelmed with all of the choices out can be tough! This year, Skylar and Bloom2Bloom wanted to make it simple for you.

As fellow mom-founded companies led by women, Skylar and Bloom2Bloom had an immediate connection. Focused on inspiring confidence and happiness in people everyday, the founders were instantly motivated to celebrate real women everywhere this Mother's Day. In fact, the founders of both brands (Cat from Skylar Body and Whit and Ren from Bloom2Bloom) are moms of young children and have been heavily inspired by their own moms to chase their dreams - partnering together made perfect sense. They joined forces to offer exclusive, limited-time Mother’s Day gifts featuring fresh blooms and fresh scents delivered directly to your doorstep. Plus, we're encouraging everyone to reflect on how the mom in their lives have inspired who they are today.

The four exclusive, limited-edition gift sets feature candles, perfumes, bouquets and succulents at a variety of price points. You can customize the scent to be perfect for your mom and include gorgeous bouquets or succulents for that extra-special touch. All of these sets are limited quantity and need to be ordered by May 7th in order to get them by Mother's Day, so be sure to get yours quick before they are all gone!

The Cool Mom

2 spring succulents + 1 Skylar candle

The Mom Moment

1 bouquet of flowers + 1 candle

The Mom Magic

1 bouquet of flowers + 1 Skylar perfume

The Mega Mama

1 large bouquet of flowers + 1 Skylar perfume + 1 Skylar candle



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