Spring Treats We're Drooling Over

Nothing makes us happier than spring flowers & our spring scent, except for dessert. Dessert makes us happier. Today, we're sharing our favorite spring-inspired, incredibly indulgent dessert recipes for this weekend's festivities. Warning: dessert cravings ahead.

Blackberry Lavender Chevre Ice Cream 

What could be cuter (or yummier) than lavender ice cream? Nothing. That's why we love this floral, fruity take on our favorite frozen dessert - perfect for this weekend's spring tablescapes.


We're pretty sure if you add strawberries to your donut, it's basically a health food...right? Maybe not. But still, we're ready for a cheat meal with this decadent strawberry delight.

Almond Crepe Cake

This dreamy-looking raspberry and rose scented cake offers a subtly sweet flavor for a perfectly light spring dessert. Plus, it's gluten-free (aka guilt-free) so we are definitely considering seconds.

Matcha Raspberry Macarons

You had me at Matcha. Mixing one of our all-time favorite ingredients, Matcha, with a French cult-favorite? Bonjour and yes please.

Marbled Oreos

We love this old childhood favorite made festive. Although oreos might not be the healthiest option, we think it is definitely the most nostalgic (and one of the prettiest!)

Rose Macarons

Oh la la, we love this twist on a French classic. With raspberry jam and champagne butter filling, Sunday's post-brunch treat has been decided on.

Meringue Kisses

There are only 3 ingredients in the above deliciousness. We're swooning over the soft beauty of these kisses.

We hope you're inspired to bake up a delicious spring-themed dessert this weekend. As for us, we might not be able to wait until the weekend...

Life's short. Let's eat dessert!



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