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We are so excited to announce our launch into a new category - home fragrance. After all of the love we have received for our fine fragrance, we asked our customers and community of real women what they'd like next. Candles rose to the top of the list. And as part of our mission to inspire self-care and self-love in women everywhere, we couldn't think of a better category to go into next.

We invite you to breathe easy, love, with our new sustainable, soy coconut Skylar candles. Create that moment of zen, strike a match to our non-lead wick and breathe in your favorite scent. Whether during your bubble bath at the end of a long day or your morning coffee with the newspaper or a cozy afternoon reading on the couch, these candles will transport you to your happy place. Say hello to your newest self-care routine go-to.

After lighting the candle, feel free to take a deep breath and let your worries drift away. You can breathe easy knowing that these candles are made with natural ingredients and non-lead wicks and consciously crafted without paraffin, pthalates and other harmful chemicals. It is estimated that 95% of candles on the market today contain paraffin. What most people don't realize is that paraffin is a petrochemical - a chemical obtained from petroleum (a non renewable resource often used for the oil and gas industry). Petroleum is a resource extracted from the Earth, and as such, there is only a finite supply of it - making it a non-renewable resource. Paraffin, therefore, is not an eco-friendly base for candles. Additionally, several university-level studies have shown that inhaling petrochemicals and ingredients derived from petrochemicals (like paraffin) can potentially cause health issues. We're proud to offer paraffin-free candles. Instead we use sustainable soy coconut wax (derived from the renewable resources of soybeans and coconuts).

Our candles also offer dual-purpose packaging (yes!). When your candle has reached the end of its life span, pour hot or boiling water into the jar to melt the remaining amount of wax. When the water cools, the wax should float to the top of the jar and be easily removed. Wash the glass with soap and water before reusing.

​We hope you join us in detoxing your home fragrance and enjoy our new sustainable candles. Take that moment of zen for yourself - these candles are your perfect excuse!




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