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5 Ways to Do Date Night In (with Candles)

Looking for a romantic date night in experience? Ready to soak up the warm weather with creative date ideas (from the comfort of your own home). Read on to get our tips and tricks to making date night at home special (and fun!).

5 Memorial Day Must-Haves This Weekend

Looking for something to do this Memorial Day Weekend? We've curated our top 5 Memorial Day activities to enjoy with friends and family. Read on to see the list!

How To Care for Your Bloom2Bloom Flowers

You received your fresh flowers (and are ready to gift your mom the perfect Mother's Day surprise). Before you pop them into a vase, read this quick guide on how to care for your new flowers!

Skylar + Bloom2Bloom

As fellow mom-founded companies led by women, Skylar and Bloom2Bloom had an immediate connection. Focused on inspiring confidence and happiness in people everyday, the founders were instantly motivated to celebrate real women everywhere this Mother's Day. Read on to see our exclusive Mother's Day sets ofo fresh blooms and fresh scents and to learn more about why this partnership means so much.

Inspired By Moms

We love our moms. We love your moms. Skylar itself was inspired by moms. In honor of our heritage and of Mother’s Day, we asked real women to tell us how their moms have inspired them to become who they are today. Because at the end of the day, we’re all #inspiredbymoms, whether she’s your own mom, a mother figure, or both. Happy Mother’s Day, loves!

Why We Make Skylar Candles Paraffin Free

95% of candles on the market are made with paraffin wax, an unsustainable petroleum-derived ingredient. Skylar candles are proudly paraffin-free, instead made with renewable soy and coconut wax. Curious about why we formulate differently? We're sharing all of the details.

Candle Etiquette 101

Did you know the key to a clean-burning, long-lasting candle is how you care for it? Yes, to our surprise (and perhaps yours!), there is a true art behind how to keep your candle glowing. We've broken down the steps for you to ensure you keep the fire alive - read on to find out how.

Welcome To Skylar Home

Breathe easy, love. Welcome to Skylar Home, where you can swap your candle for a natural scent. We're so proud (and oh-so-excited) to launch into the home fragrance category with these paraffin-free, phthalate-free clean-burning candles. On a mission to inspire your self-care (and self-love) routine, we invite you to read on to learn about why we created these candles and why you'll love them.

Skylar Lists Perfect Spring Playlist for Outdoors

Nothing makes us happier than spring weather (and the perfect spring tunes). Read on to get inspired to opt outdoors this spring season with our oh-so-happy springtime playlist.

Spring Cleaning Made Simple

Deep down, we really do want to start our spring cleaning...but it's such a daunting task. Finally, we found a method that's inspiring us to tackle the challenge. Read our top tips from the experts to kick-start your clean, happy spring home.

Self-Care in 5 Minutes

Self-care is so important, but so hard to prioritize during a busy day. We have a simple solve so you can steal at least one moment of zen this weekend - in 5 just minutes. Read on to find out how.

Layer Away To A New Spring Scent

What could be better than one Skylar Body scent? Mixing 2 scents to create your own signature, of course. Read on to find out how to get our favorite Spring scent combo.