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5 Reasons to Swap Your Perfume for a Clean Fragrance

Not all fragrances are created equal. Here are 5 reasons why clean and green fragrances are the way to go.

Good enough to eat: Our favorite DIY beauty hacks

Can’t get enough pumpkin spice this fall? Us, too. Check out our DIY beauty hacks made with pumpkin and other all-natural ingredients.

3 Tips to Make Your Scent Last Longer

Want to know our secrets to long-lasting scents? Follow these tips from our in-house fragrance experts. You can thank us later.

Why Scents Give You All the Feels

It's true, scent is the best memory trigger. But do you know why? Let us explain.

Instant Wanderlust: A Scent Inspired Vacay

Let the notes of your fave scent be your travel guide and inspire the location of your next dreamy vacation.

Enjoy the Gift of Unplugging Every Day

The gift of me-time isn't an indulgent luxury. It's deserved. Try these six simple ways to unplug, reconnect, and restore.

The Clean Beauty Philosophy of Cat Chen

Enjoy a chat with founder Cat Chen on her inspo behind life, motherhood, and launching Skylar Body.

Proof that Packaging Really Is an Art Form

Meet artist Jeff Fontelera, the creative mind behind Skylar's hand-painted watercolor packaging. 

Behind the Scents: Handmade with Love

A behind the scents look at Skylar's small-batch, locally made perfumes.

How to Layer Scents Like a Perfumer

To be honest, we all have more fun when what we wear reflects our mood. So why not have a scent wardrobe, too?

Decode Your Scent Palette

Most of us have a specific type of scents that we naturally gravitate to. Discover yours.

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