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4 Candle Collection

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Get four 8 oz candles of your choice for a fraction of the price, because sometimes more is more. Set a different mood in each room with our clean-burning, natural candles that are free of phthalates and paraffin and consciously crafted with soy-coconut wax and a non-lead wick - yes please. Breathe easy, every room!

Plus, once the candles burn out, they can be easily turned into chic drinking glasses (for your much-deserved nightcap at the end of a long day). All you have to do is wash out the used candles with soap and water. Cheers!


Sprinkles - Limited edition, vanila triple cinnamon
Coral - Fruity, floral, and flirty
Isle - Clean, dewy, and fresh
Meadow - Floral, elegant, and beautiful 


Why We're Different

Natural & Clean-Burning

Free of paraffin, phthalates

and harmful chemicals


Sustainable soy-coconut wax

and dual-purpose packaging


Vegan and never tested on animals


Unique, sophisticated candles

made by hand in LA

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