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Willow Rollie

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Let’s roll to your ultimate on-the-go scent essential. Meet Skylar Rollie, the Skylar scent you love in travel size. Unscrew the chic silver cap and choose where you want to roll. Dangerously intimate and discreet so no one will know how you smell this good. Spray in the morning. Roll in the afternoon. In your purse, at the office, in the car - your touch-up has never been so effortless.

Woodsy, cool and lush. Experience everyday serenity with one spritz. Inspired by the sound of wind blowing through the trees, this elevated scent will give you the peace only connecting with the Earth can offer. 

0.33 FL oz / 10mL


    Ingredients: organic sugar cane alcohol denat., parfum / fragrance (Skylar's own fragrance blend with natural and essential oils), aqua / water / eau, galbanum, benzoin tree, cedarwood.

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