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7 essentials to bring in your travel carry on

 Looking for a way to cut down on clutter without sacrificing comfort and efficiency?Here are our top 7 travel carry on essentials for the ultimate hassle-free trip. Check it out and tell us how you fly! 

1. Headphones  

Most domestic flights do not provide complimentary headphones, so don't forget to pack your own and prepare a relaxing soundtrack for the flight. 

2. Face Mask or Hydrating Mist 

Combat the less than ideal in-flight air by bringing along a travel size facial mist or your favorite soothing face mask. Not only will your skin feel hydrated and rejuvenated after a long flight, it's also a great way to relax and decompress during your trip. 

3. Travel Rollies 

In our opinion, theres nothing more important than feeling comfortable, refreshed and serene during our travels. Our favorite way to feel beautiful is by rolling on our signature Skylar scents. Layer our fragrances during your flight and indulge in moments of bliss. 

4. Portable Battery Charger 

Most domestic flights do not have charging ports located at your seat. Whether it's calling an uber after your arrival or sending the family a text to say you've landed, having a charged phone upon arrival is important. We recommend bringing along a portable charger to avoid any last minute emergencies. 

5. Paintpot 

Paintpots are a fantastic way to freshen up and enhance your natural beauty after a long flight. Dab a little on the cheeks for a slight blush, on the lid for a dewy glow and on the lips for the perfect natural pout. 

6. A Healthy Snack

 Avoid being lured into purchasing unhealthy in flight snacks like candy bars and chips by pre-packing a few snacks for the flight. Not only will you be able to avoid the high cost, you'll rest easy knowing you've prioritized nutrition and clean eating. We recommend raw almonds, easy to bring and packed with healthy fats!  

7. A Good Book 

There's nothing more relaxing than curling up to a good book on a long haul flight. No matter where your flight takes you enjoy a literary adventure during the journey. 

*Pro Tip: For international flights remember to bring extra pens to fill out custom forms on the flight. 





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