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    A New Scent Every Month

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    Member Perks

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  • Skylar Scent Club

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    • Often made with phthalates
      and parabens
    • Expensive to try new scents
    • High pressure retail experience
    • Inflexible return policy
    • You are paying for
      celebrity endorsements
    Traditional Perfumes
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  • April 2019

    Scent Club April 2019

    Magic Bloom

    bright juicy tart
  • May 2019

    Scent Club May 2019

    Vintage Rosé

    sweet crisp bubbly
  • June 2019

    Scent Club June 2019

    Golden Glow

    tropical radiant warm
  • July 2019

    Scent Club July 2019

    Salt Air

    bare salty breezy
  • August 2019

    Scent Club August 2019

    Love in Paradise

    exotic passionate tropical
  • September 2019

    Scent Club September 2019


    woody dry smoky
  • October 2019

    Scent Club October 2019

    Fall Cashmere

    spiced creamy luscious
  • November 2019

    Scent Club November 2019

    By Firelight

    rich honeyed spicy
  • December 2019

    Scent Club December 2019

    Silver Noir

    rich honeyed spicy
  • January 2020

    Scent Club January 2020

    Fresh Vibes

    energizing crisp bold
  • March 2020

    Scent Club March 2020

    Boho Bloom

    floral luscious inspiring
  • April 2020

    Scent Club April 2020

    Sun Shower

    cool citrus dewy
  • May 2020

    Scent Club May 2020

    Coco Colada

    exotic sweet mystifying
  • June 2020

    Scent Club June 2020

    Ojai Sunset

    warm lush delicious
  • September 2020

    Scent Club September 2020

    Amber Muse

    romantic creamy decadent
  • October 2020

    Scent Club October 2020

    Moonlight Petal

    dreamy serene feminine
  • November 2020

    Scent Club November 2020

    Desert Nights

    mysterious rich sensual
  • December 2020

    Scent Club December 2020

    Frosted Cherry

    candied festive nostalgic
  • February 2021

    Scent Club February 2021

    Love Letter

    romantic floral delicate
  • March 2021

    Scent Club March 2021

    Vineyard Stroll

    playful warm flirty
  • April 2021

    Scent Club April 2021

    Berry Fresh

    fruity inviting cheerful
  • May 2021

    Scent Club May 2021

    Honeysuckle Dream

    sweet inviting crisp
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It's time to join the community

    • “I just found one that works for me called Skylar. I love natural scents because I have been allergic to perfume and haven’t worn it for years. I absolutely love these.”

      — Serena Williams, The New York Times

    • “I believe in only purchasing vegan/cruelty-free products and have a hard time finding perfumes that smell good. Skylar has the BEST smelling fragrances and I get compliments every time I wear them! Great job and I can’t wait for next month!”

      — Alexa W., Member since launch, April 2019

    • “I love Skylar and the Scent Club! I joined in July, thinking I'd just try it for a month for Salt Air, and fell head over heels. Now, I'm hooked. What a fun and creative concept, crafting different scents perfectly suited to each season and month of the year. I'm in love!”

      — Leslie F., Member since July 2019

    • “I personally try and shop only cruelty-free products, so finding a perfume in that category isn't always easy. I looked into Skylar and signed up almost immediately. The shipping was fast. The perfume itself smells really good. I can still smell it on my skin hours later”

      — Maria J., Member since May 2019

    • “I'm Hooked! What a wonderful way to discover a new scent each month through the Skylar Scent Club! Can't wait until the next scent is released.”

      — Monica C., Member since July 2019

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Our Clean Philosophy

It’s simple — use the good and lose the bad.
We offer clean, modern fragrances and body care that are
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    With nearly 15% of the population allergic to traditional perfumes, Skylar is making fragrance accessible, safe and fun again by formulating products that are hypoallergenic, versatile and wear beautifully. Our goal is to empower you with information, and support you in your quest for healthy, happy lives.

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