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Introducing Skylar Travel Rollies!


The Rollie story is a simple one.

We loved crafting beautiful, clean scents that our customers could mix and match and layer throughout the day. However, we began to realize that our customers were often on the go- carrying their full size fragrances with them to the office, kids games, or get togethers after work. We wanted to make it easier for our Skylar gals to transition their fragrances conveniently, from fresh and floral in the morning to spicy and sweet in the evening, without taking up too much purse space. So we thought to ourselves, why not create a product  that contained the same beautiful scents we love, but in a convenient and discreet packaging? Viola! Shortly after, Skylar Rollies were born.


Here are some reasons why we love our Rollie:

  • Chic silver rollerball for exact & discreet application
  • Perfect for on-the-go - to work, on a trip, at dinner the world is your oyster- spray, roll, roll, love.
  • Completes the Skylar perfume routine


Our Rollies

Arrow - Spicy, warm, and seductive

Capri - Sparkling, zesty, and sweet

Coral- Fruity, floral, and flirty

Isle - Clean, dewy, and fresh

Meadow - Floral, elegant, and beautiful

Show us how you rollie #skylarrollie



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