Summer Treats To Beat The Heat



A Morning Affogato

Kick your morning routine up a notch by trying something new this summer: Ice Cream and Coffee. Affogatos are the perfect way to get your morning caffeine fix while simultaneously allowing you to enjoy the cold creamy delights of vanilla ice cream. The perfect way to make your day just an extra bit special.

Here are some tips to perfecting the art of this classic Italian dessert.


Frozen Lemon Cheesecake Bites

Beat the heat by trying out these homemade cheesecake lemon bites. Lemon bites are a fantastic alternative for popsicle enthusiasts with sensitive teeth, not to mention the mouthwatering zesty citrus flavor these bites pack. Great for family dinners or to bring as party favors, these individual little squares won’t disappoint!


Watermelon and Cucumber Slushie

Need something on the go? Try this watermelon slushie recipe. An office favorite, these slushies are a great way to get in some daily fiber while keeping you from overheating. This refreshing watermelon and cucumber slushie is your best friend for beating the summer heat guaranteed.


Greek Yogurt Pops

 A combination between creamy, fruity, sweet and tangy this cold dessert is the stuff of dreams. Instead of reaching for those fruit pops, try making this quick and easy frozen treat that’ll impress the whole family.

Added Plus: Protein packed greek yogurt make this a guilt-free experience!

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