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Skylar Dream Journal

Skylar Dream Journal

Live the lifestyle of your dreams. Discover clean fragrance tips, DIY recycling how-tos, cocktails to match your favorite scents and more.

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One whiff of alluring perfume can leave you breathless. But what if you can’t catch your breath?

It can be easy to overlook, but it's not uncommon for people to have reactions to certain scents or perfumes. In fact, over 30% of people report irritation in response to fragrances, according to one study.

The range of reactions can vary from person to person, but one bad experience is enough to make someone start asking questions. After all, this is how Skylar got started! At just 4 months old, our Founder and CEO’s daughter had a less than ideal reaction to her favorite fragrance. This led Cat on a journey to learn more about the ingredients found in perfume and what causes sensitivity to fragrances.

Perfume Allergy or Perfume Sensitivity?

Before we let this rain on your parade, there are a couple more questions we can ask. Are we allergic to our perfumes? Or do we have a sensitivity to certain ingredients? Depending on the severity and type of reaction, we are able to determine whether we need to steer clear of perfumes altogether or make the switch to a fragrance with less questionable ingredients. Aren’t too sure? Your doctor will be able to help clarify and lead you in the right direction.

If you find yourself experiencing sensitivity to certain perfumes, your irritation can be alleviated by avoiding certain ingredients and choosing fragrances with cleaner and shorter ingredient list.

Why Are Fragrance Allergies So Common?

As mentioned, nearly a third of people experience negative reactions to fragrances. That’s a large enough number to raise some eyebrows and prompt a Google researching spree. This statistic still begs the question, how can ingredients that are bad for us end up in perfumes and colognes?

The answer has to do with an interesting legal loophole. In 1973, the Federal Fair Packaging and Labeling Act of 1973 was passed, which required cosmetics manufacturers to clearly list the ingredients in their products. Fragrance makers, however, were made exempt from this law so they could keep their formulations secret.

That’s why, if you look at a bottle of perfume, the ingredient list might just say ‘fragrance.’ Unfortunately, that word can be the veil that covers not only a fragrance maker’s trade secret but any ingredient that manufacturers don’t want to disclose to their consumers. One study by the Environmental Working Group found  14 secret, unlisted chemicals lurking in the average bottle of fragrance. With so many unknown and untested substances in the mix, it’s no surprise that we as consumers are confused when we find ourselves allergic (or sensitive) to conventional fragrances.

Hope Beyond Fragrance-Free

Just because you’re struggling with a perfume allergy or sensitivity doesn’t mean you have to give up fragrances! The key is to find a clean perfume that won’t irritate you or those around you.

So what’s a perfume-lover to do? Next time you’re shopping for a new fragrance, keep your eye out for a formulation that is hypoallergenic. If a fragrance is hypoallergenic, this means that the ingredients have been tested and approved so that you don’t have to worry about experiencing harsh reactions or irritations.

Skylar fragrances are not only hypoallergenic, but they are also vegan, cruelty-free and paraben free. With our fragrances, you can take on your day with confidence that your perfume won’t cause any trouble. And most importantly you’ll be smelling fabulous all day long!

Can You Be Allergic to Perfume? Say It Ain’t So!

How Tos

Can You Be Allergic to Perfume? Say It Ain’t So!

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Willow is the epitome of tranquility and harmony. Our newest scent was carefully crafted to bring you moments of pure serenity. 


Our Greatest Inspiration

We asked our Skylar community what they would like to see in a fall scent, and the answer was clear, fresh, luscious and woodsy. Willow was created with a goal to bring Skylar gals serenity each and every day. This scent exudes balance, growth, and harmony. Imagine the sound of the wind blowing through the trees, finding a waterfall through in the woods, and grounding yourself in nature - this elevated scent will have you experiencing peace only Mother Earth can offer. It's time to go back to your roots, love.

Willow’s Ingredients

Inspired by the great Mother Earth, Willow contains ingredients from the enchanted forest. Grounded with a clean, woodsy base of benzoin tree and cedarwood, topped with bright green notes of galbanum, this scent embodies everything we love about the outdoors.


Derived from a plant native to the Middle East and Asia, galbanum offers a rich, spicy, forest-like aroma that offers brightness to this earthy enchantment.

Benzoin Tree

Benzoin Tree, derived from Indonesia, offers a sweet and comforting vanilla-like aroma, adding a familiar coziness to the woodsy base of Willow.


Cedarwood is known for its warm, woodsy aroma that creates a sense of grounding, wellness, and vitality.




Welcome Willow!

Welcome Willow!

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 Our team welcomed its newest member Capri - a citrus, zesty, sparking scent, to our fragrance collection on July 12th, 2018, with a beautiful launch party hosted by our CEO Cat Chen. Sparkling prosecco, giant balloon bubbles and heavenly cheese plates were just some of the incredible guests that made an appearance last Thursday. We wanted the event to feel as close to Capri as possible and invited our Skylar gals to come celebrate with us at a mediterranean inspired home. Lined with beautiful olive and lemon trees, surrounded by luscious grass and foliage and adorned with sparkling lights overhead, this venue brought back waves of that ultra-relaxed, just-out- of-the-water, no-work-tomorrow, sun-in-your-hair moment Capri was crafted to create.

Dreamt up by our own Skylar customer, Dallas Daws Welch, and voted on by our Skylar gals (with thousands of votes), this scent was truly created by and for real women, and we couldn’t have been happier celebrating its launch with our beautiful Skylar ladies. Check out some of our pictures from the event below!



Our master perfumer Sarah Horrowitz showing our Skylar gals Capri for the first time and explaining the process that went behind the making of Capri. 




A few "Capri" inspired drinks: Peach bellinis, Lemon drops and Sparkling prosecco, sponsored by our friends Infuse Spirits. 

Capri sample is now available in our sample palette, be sure to check it out and tell us where Capri transports you! Layering Isle and Capri is a perfect pop and lift, while the floral accord in Meadow blends beautifully with Capri's bright notes of bergamot and Neroli creating a super feminine and gorgeous combination. 





Welcome Capri!


Welcome Capri!

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Sweet, sweet sugar. What’s not to love? But we’re not talking about eating it—we’re talking about wearing it.

skylar cane sugar alcohol

Most commercial fragrances are made with something called SD 40, which is made with ethanol that's typically fermented from corn. But Skylar scents are made using organic cane alcohol, which is derived from sugar cane. What’s the difference?

1. For one, cane alcohol is way more environmentally friendly than corn-based alcohols. An acre of sugar cane produces double the amount of alcohol than corn does, which means you don’t need as much land to produce the same quantities. It’s also energy efficient and cost effective. Win-win.

2. Organic sugar cane alcohol is even better. Since it’s distilled from cane sugar that was grown without any pesticides or fertilizers, there’s no fear of any of these chemicals ending up in, or on, your body. We can probably all agree that worry-free breathing is what we all deserve.

3. In order to be certified as organic, not only must the cane sugar itself be grown without chemicals, but the production methods used for distilling cane alcohol mustn’t result in pollutants that harm the environment. Conventional alcohol production can leave a trail of residues that infiltrate the soil, water, or air. You never have to worry about that with organic cane alcohol.

That’s why we’re so sweet on organic cane alcohol. It’s the perfect base for our luscious, natural, hypoallergenic scents, and the fact that it’s better for the earth is just icing on the cane. Curious about how Skylar? Try our scents today.

More Reasons to Love Sugar


More Reasons to Love Sugar

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Have you wondered why the smell of homemade banana bread transports you back to your grandmother’s kitchen circa 1996? Or why the smell of coconut suntan lotion makes you instantly smile because your back on the beach during spring break with your best girlfriends?

As scent connoisseurs, the team at Skylar has been curious about the undeniable connection between scents and the emotions and memories they seem to conjure from thin air.

Is there a proven association between the two that would rationalize what we’ve all experienced at some point in our lives?

As it turns out, there absolutely is.


On a very basic level, it works something like this: 

Scent has been proven to be more directly linked to memory than any of our other senses. It makes sense, then, that it has the capacity to forge strong bonds and intimate associations, both positive and otherwise. This tendency is found in even our most primitive ancestors and is associated with an ancient part of our biology related to survival instincts about what to eat, where to go, and who to trust. 

Your "emotional brain," or limbic system, is a harbor for all kinds of sensory information that it uses to influence your mood, memory, behavior, and emotions. When you smell anything, it makes a B-line for this "processing center," which sorts its relationship to existing associations with feelings and thoughts.

Functionally, that means that each time you smell a new scent, your mind subconsciously links that scent to a certain event, person, or circumstance. Every time you smell that scent afterward, your mind is hardwired to bring you back to that place, person, or experience.


So smell is, by nature, highly associative. That’s a big part of why we all prefer different scents for reasons that are unique and not easily defined.

Because smell is highly emotional, wearing certain scents can evoke a specific emotion in the people around you. Of course, what emotion it inspires is highly subjective.

It’s no wonder fragrance is such a subtle yet potent part of style. Much like the difference between wearing grey or bright red, or your hair in beachy waves versus a ballerina bun, each scent is creating connections and informing the perception of who you are and what you communicate to the people around you.


natural perfume, organic perfume, clean beauty, green beauty, fragrance, scents

The scents that speak to us feel almost instinctive — an amalgam of our unique biology and experiences. So while it’s tempting to spring for a world-famous fragrance, or the trendy one that's a supposedly an undeniable aphrodisiac, you’re probably better off listening to your heart (and nose) on this one.

After all, your scent is something others subliminally associate with you, so it should feel authentic. Just like any other part of your life, it should reflect you in a true sense. 

Plus, it’s kind of fun to know that whoever you attract is almost undoubtedly attracted to that part of you. They have an association, or some deep biological urge, that draws them to you. At least you know that the two of you have that in common!

We’ll leave you this parting thought: Selecting a scent new to the market almost guarantees that you’re breathing some fresh life into your routine. Not to mention, there’s zero chance your mate already associates that fragrance with a past life. Better yet, consider wearing it on a bucket list vacation, so you'll never forget the time you enjoyed together. We’d be lying if we said that wasn’t worth something. ;)

Why Scents Give You All the Feels


Why Scents Give You All the Feels

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