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Arrow Named the Best Non-Toxic Fragrance You'll Want to Wear This Fall

This is how you do a seductive, clean scent. Arrow combines jasmine, rose, neroli flower, vanilla, and patchouli, and the result is mesmerizing

Sporteluxe Can’t Stop Thinking About Meadow

"We’ve been keeping track of some fun smells from our favorite brands and testing them for you."

Skylar Body Bundle Is a Fall Beauty Favorite for CBS Austin

If you love skincare but hate having to run out to purchase every month, this is for you.

Skylar Is a Top Pick for RetailMeNot's Beauty Routine

CBS Austin's loves new Skylar Body!

Byrdie Calls Skylar a Natural Perfume That Actually Smells Amazing

We've already sung this natural perfume's praises, but that will never stop us from continuing to shout our love from the rooftop.

Sporteluxe Loves Skylar Hand Cream to Invigorate Dry Skin

Sporteluxe Loves Skylar Hand Cream To Invigorate Dry Skin

Skylar Expands Offerings with New Body Care Line

Skylar's collection of body washes and lotions harnesses the immense moisturizing properties of hyaluronic acid.

Market Watch Follows Skylar as Brand Launches New Body Care Collection

The Debut Collection of Body Wash and Lotions Features Hyaluronic Acid as Its Powerhouse Ingredient.

The Sky's The Limit For Skylar

Founder Cat Chen talks about her clean fragrance brand’s move into Sephora stores less than two years after launch.

Skylar Scents Are a Fresh & Clean Choice for Boca Mag

This perfume brand keeps it simple—not only in presentation but in its creation.

Skylar is Pure Wow's Hidden Gem and Sephora Favorite

If you’re looking to clean up your beauty routine, this fragrance is a good place to start.

Harper's Bazaar Names Skylar as One of the Best Natural and Organic Perfumes

Phthalate-free fragrances to try at every price point