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The Sky's The Limit For Skylar

Founder Cat Chen talks about her clean fragrance brand’s move into Sephora stores less than two years after launch.

Skylar Scents Are a Fresh & Clean Choice for Boca Mag

This perfume brand keeps it simple—not only in presentation but in its creation.

Skylar is Pure Wow's Hidden Gem and Sephora Favorite

If you’re looking to clean up your beauty routine, this fragrance is a good place to start.

Harper's Bazaar Names Skylar as One of the Best Natural and Organic Perfumes

Phthalate-free fragrances to try at every price point

The Knot Loves Skylar's Sample Palette for a Perfect Maid of Honor Gift

We’re sure you’re on the hunt to find a unique maid of honor gift to say thank you for all your MOH’s hard work.

Balanced Hustler: Meet Cat Chen, CEO and Founder of Skylar Clean Fragrance

Being an entrepreneur can seem glamorous. We own our schedules, build our companies based on work we love

Skylar's Scent Club Will Help You Smell as Good as Rihanna

Once you're part of The Scent Club, you'll discover a bunch of fragrances that'll have you smelling as noteworthy as Rihanna...

Coral Named as Style Caster's Decadent Summer Fragrance

What’s a summer ensemble without a spritz of perfume to bring your hot weather aesthetic full circle?

Sephora Is Building out Its Clean Fragrance Category with Skylar

Sephora continues to grow its clean fragrance portfolio with the addition of Skylar.

Art of Selling Perfume in the Digital Age

More brands are selling their perfumes online, where customers can’t smell them. But a bottle is worth a thousand sniffs.

Well + Good: Scent Memory

Remember that scent is the strongest memory trigger, so this plays a huge part in influence.

Romper: Gift Ideas for Moms Turning 30

Becoming an adult means getting serious about things like your health and the environment, even when it comes to perfume.