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Scent Experience

Introducing Our
Scent Experience

Try all 10 scents risk free before committing
to a full size of your favorite scent.

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Neroli Element
Why Women Love <br> This Fragrance

Our Skylar Promise

We believe everyone deserves to feel safe in their skin. Our clean, cruelty-free products are created with sustainable ingredients and sensitive skin in mind. Vegan, hypoallergenic and free of toxic chemicals, our modern scents are clean, crisp, and fresh.

“I just found one that works for me
called Skylar. I love natural scents
because I have been allergic to
perfume and haven’t worn it for years.
I absolutely love these.”

- Serena Williams

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Purchase your Scent Experience and we'll send you 1.5 mL samples, 4 scented peel-back cards Salt Air, Sun Shower, Vanilla Sky, & Magic Bloom, and a gift card towards your full-size purchase. With 26 sprays per vial, it's the perfect way to try ALL 10 of our scents before committing to a full-sized bottle of your favorite scent. These mini-sized eau de toilette sprays are perfect for travel or tucking into your purse for a refresher anytime, anywhere.

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Wood Element Rose Element

Our Fragrances

  • Arrow


    Spicy, Warm, Seductive

  • Capri


    Sparkling, Citrus, Sweet

  • Coral


    Fruity, Floral, Flirty

  • Isle


    Clean, Dewy, Fresh

  • Magic Bloom

    Magic Bloom

    Bright, Juicy, Tart

  • Meadow


    Floral, Chic, Beautiful

  • Salt-Air

    Salt Air

    Bare, Salty, Breezy

  • Sun Shower

    Sun Shower

    Cool, Citrus, Dewy

  • Vanilla Sky

    Vanilla Sky

    Rich, Creamy, Warm

  • Willow


    Woodsy, Cool, Lush

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