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Shop By Scent

  • Magic Bloom

    bright • juicy • tart
    Bright and juicy notes with subtle floral hints make this the spirited scent of springtime in full bloom.

    Featured Ingredients

    Image of pear


    Image of yuzu


    Image of magnolia


    More About This Scent

    The Vibe
    Magic Bloom captures the scents of the first aromas of a blooming spring.

    You'll Love This If You Are...
    Looking for a fragrance that easily goes from day to night and from season to season. It has a light touch, but leaves an unforgettable impression.

    Magic Bloom
  • Vanilla Sky

    rich • creamy • warm
    A scent created to envelop your senses and enrich your heart and soul. Vanilla Sky is a decadent gourmand fragrance with rich warm vanilla notes and hints of cappuccino.

    Featured Ingredients

    Image of cappuccino STT™

    cappuccino STT™

    Image of pure vanilla

    pure vanilla

    Image of caramelized cedar

    caramelized cedar

    More About This Scent

    The Vibe
    Imagine sipping on your favorite warm drink in a cozy sweater, this is Vanilla Sky. The scent of the ultimate lazy day in spent with your favorite people or under a blanket with a good book.

    You’ll Love This If You Are…
    A big fan of warm, gourmand scent profiles. Wear the scent of comfort and richness all day long in this new Skylar signature.

    What is STT™️?
    Smell-The-Taste™ is the translation of food and beverage flavors into fragrance notes for application in perfumery. Developed in close collaboration between Flavorists and Perfumers, Smell-The-Taste™ fragrance notes give taste, texture, emotion and innovation to fragrance creations.

    Vanilla Sky
  • Salt Air

    bare • salty • breezy
    Salt Air embodies the ease of summer as our new favorite bare essential! Sea-scape elements, like salt and driftwood, come together to create this carefree summer scent.

    Featured Ingredients

    Image of driftwood


    Image of sea salt

    sea salt

    Image of seaweed


    More About This Scent

    The Vibe
    A summertime essential — inspired by salty seaside waves.

    You’ll Love This If You Are…
    Inspired by the simple splendor of the ocean and excitement of personal discovery, dive into this bare and breezy Skylar favorite.

    Salt Air
  • Sun Shower

    cool • citrus • dewy
    Bright notes of lemon leaves balance the soothing jasmine tea beautifully to give a perfect blend of fresh florals and uplifting citrus.

    Featured Ingredients

    Image of lemon leaves

    lemon leaves

    Image of jasmine tea

    jasmine tea

    Image of meadow greens

    meadow greens

    More About This Scent

    The Vibe
    A mood booster and the ultimate uplifting scent, like you're walking on sunshine.

    You’ll Love This If You Are…
    Inspired by the moments when the sun peeks through after a light morning rain shower, bringing fresh perspectives and much-needed refreshment.

    Sun Shower
  • Isle

    beachy • dewy • fresh
    Isle is clean, fresh, and renewing. With a subtle citrus and spiced sandalwood scent that’s lasting yet understated, you’ll be elevated with each wear.

    Featured Ingredients

    Image of bergamot


    Image of cardamom


    Image of sandalwood


    More About This Scent

    The Vibe
    Vacation oasis - inspired by the ease of a day spent near the ocean.

    You’ll Love This If You Are…
    A beach loving, go with the flow kind of girl, up early to breathe in that fresh morning air.

  • Capri

    citrus • sparkling • sweet
    A mediterranean inspired citrus, zesty and invigorating scent. With notes of grapefruit, blood orange and bergamot, your search for sunshine is right here.

    Featured Ingredients

    Image of bergamot


    Image of neroli


    Image of blood orange

    blood orange

    More About This Scent

    The Vibe
    Transport yourself to a citrus escape — inspired by carefree moments on sweet summer days.

    You’ll Love This If You Are…
    Carefree and bubbly, dreaming of citrus-filled Mediterranean afternoons.

  • Meadow

    floral • chic • beautiful
    Infused with soft notes of tuberose, jasmine, and orange blossom, this light and flirty scent embodies everything we love about flowers without being overly fragrant.

    Featured Ingredients

    Image of baie rose

    baie rose

    Image of rose


    Image of tuberose


    More About This Scent

    The Vibe
    Floral fantasy — inspired by big dreams and beautiful flower fields.

    You’ll Love This If You Are…
    A romantic dreamer, front row breathing in the music at my favorite summer festival.

  • Coral

    fruity • floral • flirty
    With hints of grapefruit and a touch of apple blossom, Coral is bright and sun-kissed without being too sharp. This unique, fruity scent is perfect for every occasion.

    Featured Ingredients

    Image of black currant

    black currant

    Image of patchouli


    Image of sandalwood


    More About This Scent

    The Vibe
    The happiness booster — inspired by bright, sun-kissed moments, this scent will give you a little boost each morning.

    You’ll Love This If You Are…
    A girl's girl, optimistic with a happy & positive outlook on everything, looking for my next fun adventure.

  • Arrow

    spicy • warm • seductive
    Arrow is unforgettable - with notes of midnight jasmine, warm patchouli and vanilla, it will fill your soul with fire on a cool winter night. The perfect night out accessory.

    Featured Ingredients

    Image of jasmine


    Image of rose


    Image of vanilla


    More About This Scent

    The Vibe
    A date night essential - inspired by bold confidence and seduction at dusk.

    You’ll Love This If You Are…
    A confident, feisty power woman, up late over deep conversations with a glass of wine.

  • Willow

    woodsy • lush • cool
    Grounded with a deep clean, woodsy base of benzoin tree and cedarwood, this scent embodies everything we love about the outdoors. Enjoy this forest-inspired lush and elevated scent to experience everyday serenity.

    Featured Ingredients

    Image of benzoin tree

    benzoin tree

    Image of cedarwood


    Image of galbanum


    More About This Scent

    The Vibe
    Earthy enchantment — inspired by nature filled days that soothe the soul and leave you at peace.

    You’ll Love This If You Are…
    Independent and mysterious, the peaceful serenity of nature is where I feel most at home.