Wick Trimmer

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Be sure your Skylar candle is always looking (and smelling) its best with the Skylar candle wick trimmer. Crafted to perfect your candle care, this trimmer will keep your candles glowing all night long. Once you have one, you'll wonder how you ever lived without one.

Did you know, the key to a clean-burning, long-lasting candle is how you care for it? Yes, to all of our surprise, you're supposed to trim the wick before you light your candle - every time - including the first. Get all of our candle etiquette tips (starting with getting this chic trimmer) here.

Why We're Different

Clean Modern Scents

Unique, light, and

never overpowering


Free of parabens

and toxic chemicals


Skin-safe and



Vegan and

never tested on animals

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Skylar Niche Perfumes Traditional Perfumes
No Synthetic Dyes
Made in the USA

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