5 Reasons to Swap Your Perfume to Natural

Natural organic eco friendly hypoallergenic fragrance

We get it. The hunt for your signature scent is personal, and once you find it, it's hard to let go. But while traditional perfumes smell good, they're far from being good for you. Here are 5 reasons to go eau natural.

1. Natural ingredients smell, well, natural.

Here’s something you may not know: most perfumes, including many in the luxury market, are scented by 100% synthetic ingredients. That’s because they’re generally cheaper and easier to obtain than natural ingredients.

We’re committed to using the highest-quality natural ingredients and work with sustainable farms all over the world to get the best crops. For example, our clean and beachy scent Isle is made with pure essential oils extracted from bergamot (sourced from Italy), cardamom (sourced from Guatemala), and sandalwood (sourced from the Pacific Islands). Scented by real flowers, fruits, and spices, our fragrances smell clean and pure, just the way nature intended.

2. Fragrance allergies are nothing to sneeze at.

The side effects of fragrance allergies are no joke: headaches, sneezing, watery eyes, runny or stuffy nose, itchy red skin, the list goes on. The shocker? Almost all fragrances—synthetic AND natural—are allergenic. It is estimated that 15% of all people have some sort of an allergic reaction toward traditional fragrances.

Our philosophy is to use natural ingredients as much as possible, and if the natural ingredient causes allergies, we replace it with a hypoallergenic and safe lab-made ingredient. Combining natural ingredients with safe science, the end product is something that you can wear with peace of mind, and the people around you will thank you, too.

3. More parabens, more problems.

Let’s talk parabens. The widely used preservatives are in tons of personal care and cosmetic products as a means of preventing bacterial growth (plus they’re super cost effective), but scientific studies have pointed out a link between parabens and breast cancer. That’s a big problem.

Parabens are off limits here. Instead, Skylar perfumes contain a base of organic sugar cane alcohol, which is a natural antibacterial (and another reason to love sugar).

4. Phthalates. If you can’t pronounce it, it shouldn’t be on your skin.

Fact: phthalates are in most scented products because they serve as cheap solvents and make fragrances last longer. The bad news: they’ve also been known to be hormone disrupters for over 70 years, with many studies linking phthalates to breast cancer and negative impacts on children’s development and men’s health. Phthalates are easily spread through the air and breathed in, and they're sometimes hidden from ingredient labels.

That’s just not good enough. We think everyone deserves better than that. Skylar scents contain no phtalates and never will. We’re like a breath of fresh air, literally.

5. We’re feel-good and cruelty-free.

When you think of things that smell good, we’re going to guess beavers, deer, and guinea pigs don’t spring to mind. But some perfumeries still use by-products from these and other animals to formulate their proprietary scents. And most global beauty companies then test their perfumes on animals to pass import restrictions so they can distribute in certain countries. It’s dated, it’s cruel, and it’s unnecessary.

So while it means you’ll never see Skylar for sale in certain countries, you can rest assured that we never use animal by-products and we never test on animals (unless you count our staff and our friends, which is debatable). With a vast trove of plant-based ingredients to select from, we’re happy to keep delivering fresh, light, and delicious scents to your door. You can even sample all of our scents without ever leaving your home. 

Not only do fragrances generally contain questionable ingredients, other beauty products can as well. Want to switch out your beauty products for healthy alternatives that work? We think that’s a great idea. Here are some brands to consider:

Hair - Playa
Skin - Osea
Makeup - W3ll People
Body - Frank Body 
Fragrance - Skylar

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