5 Ways to Do Date Night In (with Candles)

1. Candles and a Bubble Bath

  • Whether it’s a casual Tuesday evening, or a romantic Saturday night in, bubble baths are a fun (and easy) way to enjoy some quality time together. Try one of our signature Skylar Candles to place alongside your tub. Not only will they add a romantic glow to the room, the scent will transport you into pure bliss. For extra relaxation, try adding a few drops of lavender or jasmine essential oils into your tub.

    2. Candlelit Dinner in the Backyard

    For your next date night in, try enjoying dinner outside for a change. If you are able to, plan to eat dinner around 7-7:30 and take advantage of the beautiful sunset (the inspiration behind our Skylar watercolor designs!). Afterwards, cuddle up and share a candlelit dessert. (We recommend trying a molten chocolate lava cake, or if you’re feeling extra adventurous try making matcha raspberry macarons found here). You can also bring a small picnic blanket to the backyard and stargaze together. It's finally time to put your backyard to good use!

    You’ll be surprised by how simple changes like these can make your evening together all the more special.


    3. Try a new recipe: Make your own sushi

    Venture outside of your comfort zone with this fun date night-in idea: Make your own sushi! This collaborative and fun culinary experience will have you and your partner laughing the entire way through. For an exciting spin, try challenging your partner to a timed contest, and see which one of you crafts the superior roll. 

  • Ready to commit - check out this guide (with step by step instructions and a sushi roll cheat sheet) and get rolling.

    Pro tip: Use our empty candles to hold the extra sauces (perfect for soy sauce dipping).  

    4. Make cocktails with your candle holder

    After the kids are asleep, what better way to wind down the evening and share a special moment with the one you love than sharing an evening beverage. Instead of the traditional glass of red wine, we suggest crafting your very own signature drink. This little activity is perfect for a little one-on-one bonding time, and best of all- you can celebrate your newest creation with a toast.  Pro Tip: Our Skylar Candles are perfect for holding your drink inventions. Just clean the empty Candle with some mild soap and viola, sip responsibly!

    Here are our recommendations for each of our Skylar Signature Scents: Coral: Coral Crush Arrow: Arrow Aviation Isle: Isle of Dreams , Meadow: Meadow Mule


    5. Vintage Movie Throwback

    Try kicking movie night up a notch by making it a vintage themed evening. Rules: Put the phones away and enjoy some quality time together watching the black and white classics. Instead of popcorn, indulge in some old school classics like Milk Duds, Cracker Jacks and Moon Pies! (Here is a great website for finding nostalgic treats). For added authenticity, try setting up a projector to display the movie instead of streaming online.

    We personally recommend watching “Roman Holiday”. Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn? Swoon.



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