5 Minute Yoga For Your Soul



1. Get in a relaxed position, and start to focus on your breathing. You should keep the breathing deep and consistent (think Darth Vader) and avoid shallow and rapid breathing. 

2. Start in child's pose. Legs bent to either side of you, fall forward, and bring your arms overhead. Breathe. 

3. Slowly, get onto your hand and knees for table top pose. Make sure you have a flat back and are returning to your breathe. Arch your back and lift your head, moving your body slight forward. Then round your spine and tuck the head. Do this back and forth a few times. (Cat/Cow pose). 

4. Now slowly stand up one vertebrate at a time. Keep your eyes closed on this one as your stretch your arms overhead and continue to breathe. Bring your hands to heart center and stay like this for a few moments. Allow for your breathing to become quieter as you sink into a more relaxed state. 

5. Now with feet shoulder distance apart, slowly reach for your toes (or shins) and remember to continue breathing with the same cadence. Stay like this for a few seconds, swinging your arms if it feels comfortable to do so. 

6. Reach your legs back and utilize your core as your settle into plank position. Hold for 30 seconds, shifting your weight from the side of your left and right foot for added an added challenge to your obliques. 

7. Lastly, release your plank and lay flat on your back with arms and legs outstretched. Close your eyes and flip your palms skyward. Breathe deeply here 5x. You are strong, you are beautiful, you are enough......Shavasana. 





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