Skylar Spring Resolutions

In honor of a fresh new start, we are setting our Spring intentions for a happy and healthy season. We gathered our top 3 tips for springing forward.

1. Make self care a priority.

You can never underestimate the power of self-care. It’s easy to feel like there isn’t enough time for an investment in yourself, but we’re here to encourage you otherwise! Try waking up a bit earlier to start your day and taking a warm shower, meditating, or heading to a yoga class. This way, you can get your “me time” in before the day really begins. Another self-care favorite of ours is a warm evening bath, a candle and a good book. Yes please. Want more self-care inspiration? We love this article from Mind Body Green.

2. Spend more time outside.

Winter is over and we are ready to take advantage of it. Opting outdoors and connecting with nature is so important. Whether it’s a walk around the neighborhood, or a hike through the hills, getting outside is a big focus for us this Spring. How will we do it? We’re making a vow to run more errands outside (farmers markets instead of grocery stores). And we’re consciously committing to at least an hour outside a day (office lunches will have to move outdoors). We’re even considering moving our workouts outside - check out this article to see why!

3. Eat fresh.

We love Spring because so many incredible fruits and vegetables are back in season. We (and our bodies) are ready for this whole food approach after a long winter and perhaps a couple of pasta dishes. Nothing feels better than nourishing your body with farm-to-table fresh food with natural ingredients. Artichokes, asparagus and beets are at the top of our list to start, right after we eat this delicious-looking spring salad.

Cheers to a healthy, happy Spring, loves.


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