Layer Away To A New Spring Scent

What could be better than one Skylar Body scent? Mixing 2 scents to create your own signature, of course. It turns out, sometimes two is better than one. Especially when it comes to our favorite Spring scent. Layering scents is one of the benefits of Skylar Body. Because our scents are light and fresh, you can layer your favorites to create a combination all your own. It's the perfect way to transform your scent to a new season.

Here's how to do it like the perfumer pros.

1. Prep your skin.
For the purest scent experience, start your layering right after you've gotten out of the shower and applied your lotion. Fragrance molecules want something to bind to, so natural moisture helps each note ring true.

2. Set the foundation with the base.

We love the fresh, light scent of Isle to create a base for our Spring scent. To set a strong base, we recommend doing 2 spritz of Isle on your neck or your wrist.

3. Brighten with the top note.

Now that you have the base, bring your floral dreams alive with our Meadow scent. Just do 1 spritz of Meadow on top of your base for a dewy, floral, fresh combination.

Go grab your Scent Duo with Meadow and Isle today.

Happy Spring, Skylar Babes! Try out this combo and tag us @skylarbody to let us know what you think!



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