Our Philosophy - Skylar
Skylar Body is creating a new world of fragrance by using clean, conscious ingredients to craft beautiful, high-performing and hypoallergenic scents for yourself and your home. Our product philosophy is simple - use the good and lose the bad.

6-Free Scents

As part of this quest for safe scents, we formulate with strict standards, choosing to exclude thousands of ingredients from all of our products. Of the extensive list of ingredients that we choose to always avoid, the 6 ingredients below are among the top “dirty ingredients” in the beauty industry. You will never find these suspicious ingredients in our 6-Free Scents. That’s a promise.

NO Parabens

Inexpensive preservative that has been linked to hormone disruption (often used in perfumes, cleansers and cosmetics)


Inexpensive cleanser that produces foam and is harsh and irritating (often used in cleansers)

NO Phthalates

Health offender linked to hormone disruption (often used in candles, cosmetics and perfumes)

NO Allergens

Present in almost all perfumes. Can exist in synthetic chemicals as well as natural ingredients.

NO Animal-derived Ingredients

Derived from animals or animal by-products (commonly used in perfumes) including musk (from deer)

NO Synthetic Dyes

Derived from petrochemicals & often containing chemicals like mercury, lead, and sodium chloride

The Skylar Promise



Clean ingredients. Clean formulas. Hypoallergenic scents. Skylar products are comprised of a combination of naturally derived and safe synthetic ingredients that are all subject to our Skylar safety screening. We proudly blend botanical-based and lab-made ingredients to ensure our products are safe and hypoallergenic.


We care about your health AND the health of our environment and animal friends. That’s why we make ingredient and packaging choices that keep the Earth (and our furry friends) in mind. Dual-purpose packaging, renewable resources, recyclable packing materials - Mother Earth approved. Plus, we firmly believe in offering products that contain no animal-derived ingredients and are not tested on animals. Ever. Additionally, our manufacturing takes place here in the U.S. and we are proud to partner with ethical and eco-friendly suppliers.



We believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to better-for-you products. At Skylar, we create innovative and high-quality formulas. Clean products aren't the norm (especially when it comes to perfume) so we are constantly pushing the envelope of nature-powered science to offer the highest performing option.

Skylar Specifics

Why Fragrance Isn’t Always Bad

Fragrance isn't always bad. It's the harmful ingredients that are often present in fragrances that are bad - allergens, phthalates, animal by-products just to name a few. However, being fragrance-free doesn't always guarantee its safe. Fragrance-free products can contain harmful chemicals that irritate your skin, trigger allergies, or cause other health issues. At Skylar, we do not use harmful ingredients in our products and carefully formulate our fragrances to give you peace of mind.

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What is Skylar Fragrance Made Of?

We use as many natural ingredients as possible in our fragrances. Because we always want to ensure our products are safe and hypoallergenic, we use safe lab-made ingredients when necessary. The outcome? Clean, fresh and safe scents. As you've probably noticed, we keep our proprietary blend of ingredients to ourselves to protect from others from replicating the scents we've worked so hard on. However, we are always willing to answer any questions you may have about our ingredients.

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