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At Skylar, we believe the Sky’s the limit, and our vision is to inspire confidence. We care not only about creating natural and safe products, but also about playing a part in supporting those who work so hard to help women be confident and fulfill their full potential. We contribute a portion of our proceeds and time to Step Up - non-profit organization that provides mentorship for underprivileged high school girls across the country.

Did you know, 50% of girls from underserved neighborhoods will not complete high school? This scary statistic has lifelong impact on their earning potential, standard of living, and confidence. Step Up’s mission is to provide these girls with the after-school programming, mentorship, and career guidance they need to become confident, college-bound, and successful women.

We were fortunate to have participated in Step Up’s Career Connections Conference this year and personally mentored high school girls on topics like interest discovery, interview preparation, and confidence building. It was an amazingly humbling experience to meet these young women who work so hard and are so motivated to do well, do their families proud, and be able to provide for their families. Learn more about Step Up.