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Skylar Blends - A Guide to Layering

Our Skylar signature scents were created to be layered together. Layering is a great way to expand your scent collection and favorite scent profiles, but it’s also a great way to make your fragrance last longer. Experiment with different Skylar scents and find more combinations to match your mood or occasion, the possibilities are endless!
When creating your own, unique combination, a great place to start is by identifying your favorite scents, then choose the fragrances that embody those qualities.
Layering with Skylar is easy! You can use either a full-size or travel rollie. Get started with layering by following the steps below:
  1. Choose your base scent. Select your favorite Skylar scent that you would like to anchor your combo with. Spritz or roll over your wrists and neck without rubbing - these beautiful aromas will melt together with the warmth of your skin! 
  1. Add a complementary scent directly on top with a spritz or a roll. The order in which you layer your scents is important! They will change the way they wear on your skin, so remember to layer the fragrance you want to have the most impact on last
Learn the notes behind our favorite Skylar combinations, or use this guide to inspire you to create an entirely new combo!
Magic Bloom + Isle = Experience a bright, totally mood-altering oasis when you layer Isle and Magic Bloom together. Magic Bloom smells like running free through a field of flowers, and the fresh aquatic notes of Isle smell like a seaside vacation.
Vanilla Sky + Salt Air = Add warmth and sweetness to this breezy scent. Salt Air's light and airy aroma balances Vanilla Sky's rich warm vanilla notes to create a beautiful cozy scent. 
Arrow + Meadow = Our most full-bodied floral, paired with our most sensual base. The luscious jasmine in Meadow blends beautifully with the subtle warmth and vanilla notes of Arrow. We love that this combination transitions seamlessly from day to night.
Capri + Isle = The sheer, beachy base of Isle layered with the citrus pop of Neroli and grapefruit in Capri will make you feel like you’re on an Island Getaway (no matter where you are!). The bright citrus notes in Capri, bring fresh energy to our bestseller. We love this combination because it is complex, yet still very light. One of our favorites for an elevated everyday scent!
Meadow + Capri = Summer nights in an instant! The floral blooms of tuberose and night-blooming jasmine in Meadow are elevated with the sparkle of Bergamot and Grapefruit in our delicious Capri.
Coral + Capri = A sizzling summer combo! The apple blossom and black currant in Coral mix with Bergamot, Orange and Grapefruit in Capri to create the perfect sun-filled day. It is a delicious blend of fruity-fun and zesty citrus notes Layering these two scents has become a summer staple at Skylar. 
Coral + Isle = Coral is known for its bright top notes of Apple Blossom, Grapefruit and Black Currant. But it’s base note is what makes this scent combo so special.  Worn together, this luminescent combination of fruity and fresh will whisk you away to white-sand beaches. 
Isle + Meadow = Your ultimate beach getaway meets floral bouquets for a beautifully intoxicating blend.  Invigorating white flowers of tuberose and jasmine blend with the dewy, sheer base of Isle to create a special floral blend for all ages. Isle is a smooth, clean scent that delicately amplifies the various floral notes in Meadow. We love this combination for the bright and sunny temps of Spring and Summer.
Willow + Capri = This combination oozes joy and serenity. The fresh, citrusy notes of Capri is the perfect compliment with the green woodsy notes of Willow. We love the way that Willow’s serenity has a grounding effect on Capri’s sparkling energy. This is our most unique and captivating combination that our Willow lovers will surely love!
The order in which you layer your scents is important! Depending on the way you layer, the way they wear on your skin will vary, so remember to layer the fragrance you want to smell the most last.

As you can see, the possibilities truly are endless with your favorite Skylar fragrances! We love layering with our full-size scents in the mornings and bringing our trusty rollies for touch-ups later in the day. If you are a member of our monthly Scent Club, our signature scents can also be layered with your favorite monthly scent, keep a lookout for our monthly recommendations!

Show us how you layer by tagging Skylar! Tag us @skylar on social media!

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