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The Best Scent For Every Zodiac Sign

Investing in a new signature scent is a big decision for a few reasons. First, it really is an investment. Also, the scent you choose says a lot about you. Are you fun and flirty? Or sweet and romantic? With so many options to choose from, why not let the stars (and Skylar) help you decide.      



March 21 – April 19 // Eager. Dynamic. Quick. Competitive

As the first sign of the Zodiac, you’re a natural-born leader. Nothing can stop an Aries on a mission - personal or professional. You need a scent that is just as alluring as your strive for greatness and your ability to get things done. To channel your true Aries, take on the world in our Allure Duo. The layering combo of Arrow and Meadow pair beautifully.

Shop Your Scent: Allure Duo


July 23 – August 2 // Dramatic. Outgoing. Fiery. Self-Assured

Leos, it is no secret that you command attention anywhere you go. You need a signature scent that is as fierce and strong as your soul. Meadow, blended with the dewy, sheerness of Isle creates an exotic floral scent that will complement your inner fire.

Shop Your Scent: Daydream Duo


November 22 – December 22 // Extroverted. Optimistic. Funny. Generous

With a deep love for travel and exploring and a natural curiosity for the world - we know you’ll love getting “wicked” away by any of our signature candles. Our favorite right now? Sprinkles x Skylar. This blend of warm vanilla and soft nutmeg will leave your home smelling like freshly baked goodies. The best part? The fun isn’t over when the candle melts down - it can be recycled and reused as a nightcap glass!


October 23 – November 22  // Passionate. Stubborn. Resourceful. Brave

Your intense emotional energy makes you stand out in a crowd. Your strong imagination means you need a scent that can keep up. To keep those creative juices flowing, opt for a scent duo. Layer Arrow & Isle for an elegant, seductive scent.

Shop Your Scent: Arrow & Isle 


June 21-July 22 // Intuitive. Sentimental. Compassionate. Protective

Nurturing by nature, Cancers need a scent as outgoing as you are. A combination of fresh and fruity is sure to spread your happiness and compassion. The layering of Coral and Isle will have you dreaming of exotic white sand beaches.

Shop Your Scent: Getaway Duo 


February 19-March 20 // Affectionate. Empathetic. Wise. Artistic

Pisces are extremely kind, compassionate and caring. Although you’re a water symbol, you have a very warm and inviting ambiance. Be inspired and at ease by the purity of water with clean and dewy notes.

Shop Your Scent: Isle


April 20-May 20 // Strong. Dependable. Sensual. Creative

Taurans are extremely practical and reliable. You are the sign of a bull, which makes you stubborn! However, this stubbornness gives you incredible determination. Opt for a scent that matches up with your strong personality and confidence.

Shop Your Scent: Arrow


August 23 - September 23 // Practical. Loyal. Gentle. Analytical

There is more to you than your delicate, sensitive, and practical exterior, Virgos. Let your natural beauty shine through with a classic scent perfect for dreamers and doers.

Shop Your Scent: Meadow


December 22 - January 19 // Serious. Independent. Disciplined. Tenacious

Ahh, the Capricorn. Your stability and confidence make you one of the greats. Above all, your love for structure and order are what make you who you are. You deserve a scent as down to earth as you.

Shop Your Scent: Willow


May 21 - June 20 // Versatile. Expressive. Curious. Kind.

As a Gemini, you are often mentally gifted and extremely intellectually inclined. You are quick-witted and smart and need a scent that pairs with your adaptable personality. We recommend a scent that is sweet and citrusy.

Shop Your Scent: Capri 


September 23 - October 22 // Social. Fair-Minded. Diplomatic. Gracious

Libra, perhaps one of your best qualities is your ability to appreciate and enjoy the little things in life. With a great love of elegance and beauty, people count on you to be the peacemaker in any situation. Opt for a scent that is both beautiful and elegant, like you.

Shop Your Scent: Coral 


January 20 - February 18 // Deep. Imaginative. Original. Uncompromising

Above all signs, Aquarians seek the truth and are extremely independent. You have an attuned personality but are also very imaginative and are at your best when you let your mind soar! Go for a scent that is playful yet grounded, just like your personality. The layering combo of Capri and Willow scents is both playful and cheerful.

Shop Your Scent: Enliven Duo

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