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Skylar Scent Notes

Live the lifestyle of your dreams. Discover clean fragrance tips, DIY recycling how-tos, cocktails to match your favorite scents and more.

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The importance of clean beauty is well known. At Skylar, it's who we are. Below we explain 3 reasons to make the switch to clean and detox your beauty routine.
1. Free of Toxins and Parabens 

Skylar fragrances are free of parabens and toxic chemicals. What does this mean? When fragrances are added to the skin, they do not just it on the surface. In fact, our pores actually absorb a lot of the fragrance, similar to how moisturizer hydrates by being absorbed into the skin. When traditional perfumes are absorbed into the body, toxins lurking in those fragrances are also absorbed. This can cause issues such as skin irritations, allergies, migraines and can even cause allergies in babies.

Here are just a few chemicals found in traditional perfumes that our fragrances do not include:

Our products are free of:



Sulfates SLS & SLES

Synthetic Dyes

Synthetic Musks


2. Hypoallergenic

At Skylar, we do not use harmful chemicals or allergens. Some natural ingredients can cause sensitivities in some people (lavender and grapefruit are just a few examples). In order to make our scents hypoallergenic, we replace those allergens with safe non-toxic substitutes. All our scents contain some synthetic ingredients for this reason. As a clean beauty brand, our philosophy is to use the best ingredients nature and science have to offer so you can smell beautiful without a worry. 

3. Cruelty-Free

There is nothing we love more than our furry friends. All Skylar, products are vegan and never tested on animals.

We never use any animal by-products (commonly used in perfumes) including musk (from deer). We think fragrances should only spread love and happiness, always! 



Why Clean Scents? 3 Reasons to Turn to Skylar


Why Clean Scents? 3 Reasons to Turn to Skylar

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Our latest (and greatest) guide to layering is here! You may be wondering, “Why should I layer my fragrance?” Layering is a great way to expand your scent collection and favorite scent profiles, but it is also a great way to make your fragrance last longer. It is a fun way to experiment with the different Skylar scents to find even more combinations to match your mood or occasion.

Layering with Skylar is easy! You can use either our full-size sprays or travel rollies. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Choose your base. Select your favorite Skylar scent that you would like to anchor your combo with. Spritz or roll over your wrists and neck without tapping or rubbing.
  2. Add your complementary scent directly on top with a spritz or a roll.
  3. Resist the urge to rub or tap together. These beautiful aromas will melt together on the warmth of your skin!

Learn the notes behind your favorite Skylar combination or discover an entirely new scent sensation!

Arrow + Meadow = Our most full-bodied floral paired with our most sensual base. The luscious jasmine in Meadow blends beautifully with the subtle warmth and vanilla notes of Arrow.

Capri + Isle = The sheer, beachy base of Isle layered with the bright citrus pop of Neroli and grapefruit in Capri will make you feel like you’re on an Island Getaway (no matter where you are!).

Meadow + Capri = Summer nights in an instant! The floral blooms of tuberose and night blooming jasmine in Meadow are elevated with the sparkle of Bergamot and Grapefruit in our delicious Capri.

Coral + Capri = A sizzling summer combo! The apple blossom and black currant in Coral mix with Bergamot, Orange and Grapefruit in Capri to create the perfect sun-filled day.

Coral + Isle = Coral is known for its bright top notes of Apple Blossom, Grapefruit and Black Currant. But it’s base note is what makes this scent combo so special.  Worn together, this luminescent combination of fruity and fresh will whisk you away to white sand beaches. 

Isle + Meadow = Fabulous floral meet the island queen. Invigorating white flowers of tuberose and jasmine blend with the dewy, sheer base of Isle to create a special floral blend for all ages.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless with your favorite Skylar fragrances! If you are a member of our monthly Scent Club, our signature scents can also be layered with your favorite monthly scent!

Show us how you layer by tagging Skylar! We would love to hear your favorites! Tag us @skylar and use #Skylar and #Skylarscents on social media!



Fragrance Layering: Skylar Blends

How Tos

Fragrance Layering: Skylar Blends

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Your ultimate on-the-go scent essential. Our Skylar Rollies are the Skylar scents you love- in travel size! Here are 5 reasons we just can't get enough of them:  

1. Chic silver rollerball for discreet application

2. Perfect for on-the-go - to work, in the car, at dinner 

3. The layering world is in the palm of your hand

Building your signature scent? Trying out a seasonal combination? Searching for a scent to match your outfit? The possibilities are endless...

4. Perfect for gifting and party favors


5. TSA approved

The perfect addition to every carry-on.




5 Reasons You Need a Rollie


5 Reasons You Need a Rollie

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We get this question all the time; what is the difference between the Skylar full size (1.7 oz) and rollerball?

Well – in a word, NOTHING.  And –EVERYTHING.

The formula inside is exactly the same, but it’s all about the application. Your 1.7 is the perfect way to clean up your beauty counter – it lives at home. Give yourself an all-over spray after the shower and before you get dressed. The pump on the full-size bottle allows for a wider range of scent to hit the skin during application.

The Skylar Rollie is perfect for re-application throughout the day. Keep a rollie in your purse, the car, wherever! We recommend applying to pulse points –roll on wrists, neck, and cleavage. Your heart is your biggest pulse point, as the heat from your body rises, it lifts the scent upwards.

Apply fragrance where you want to be kissed, so if it’s a big night, have fun – the small of your back, behind your knees, even your ankles are great pulse points!



Rollerball vs Full Size: What’s the Difference?


Rollerball vs Full Size: What’s the Difference?

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Sweet, sweet sugar. What’s not to love? But we’re not talking about eating it—we’re talking about wearing it.

skylar cane sugar alcohol

Most commercial fragrances are made with something called SD 40, which is made with ethanol that's typically fermented from corn. But Skylar scents are made using organic cane alcohol, which is derived from sugar cane. What’s the difference?

1. For one, cane alcohol is way more environmentally friendly than corn-based alcohols. An acre of sugar cane produces double the amount of alcohol than corn does, which means you don’t need as much land to produce the same quantities. It’s also energy efficient and cost effective. Win-win.

2. Organic sugar cane alcohol is even better. Since it’s distilled from cane sugar that was grown without any pesticides or fertilizers, there’s no fear of any of these chemicals ending up in, or on, your body. We can probably all agree that worry-free breathing is what we all deserve.

3. In order to be certified as organic, not only must the cane sugar itself be grown without chemicals, but the production methods used for distilling cane alcohol mustn’t result in pollutants that harm the environment. Conventional alcohol production can leave a trail of residues that infiltrate the soil, water, or air. You never have to worry about that with organic cane alcohol.

That’s why we’re so sweet on organic cane alcohol. It’s the perfect base for our luscious, natural, hypoallergenic scents, and the fact that it’s better for the earth is just icing on the cane. Curious about how Skylar? Try our scents today.

More Reasons to Love Sugar


More Reasons to Love Sugar

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Natural organic eco friendly hypoallergenic fragrance

We get it. The hunt for your signature scent is personal, and once you find it, it's hard to let go. But while traditional perfumes smell good, they're far from being good for you. Here are 5 reasons to go clean.

1. Clean ingredients

We’re committed to using the highest-quality ingredients and work with sustainable farms all over the world to get the best crops.

We proudly blend botanical-based and lab-made ingredients to ensure our products are always safe and hypoallergenic. 

2. Fragrance allergies are nothing to sneeze at.

The side effects of fragrance allergies are no joke: headaches, sneezing, watery eyes, runny or stuffy nose, itchy red skin, the list goes on. The shocker? Almost all fragrances—synthetic AND natural—are allergenic. It is estimated that 15% of all people have some sort of an allergic reaction toward traditional fragrances.

Our philosophy is to use natural ingredients as much as possible, and if the natural ingredient causes allergies, we replace it with a hypoallergenic and safe lab-made ingredient. Combining natural ingredients with safe science, the end product is something that you can wear with peace of mind, and the people around you will thank you, too.

3. More parabens, more problems.

Let’s talk parabens. The widely used preservatives are in tons of personal care and cosmetic products as a means of preventing bacterial growth (plus they’re super cost effective), but scientific studies have pointed out a link between parabens and breast cancer. That’s a big problem.

Parabens are off limits here. Instead, Skylar perfumes contain a base of organic sugar cane alcohol, which is a natural antibacterial (and another reason to love sugar).

4. Phthalates. If you can’t pronounce it, it shouldn’t be on your skin.

Fact: phthalates are in most scented products because they serve as cheap solvents and make fragrances last longer. The bad news: they’ve also been known to be hormone disrupters for over 70 years, with many studies linking phthalates to breast cancer and negative impacts on children’s development and men’s health. Phthalates are easily spread through the air and breathed in, and they're sometimes hidden from ingredient labels.

That’s just not good enough. We think everyone deserves better than that. Skylar scents contain no phtalates and never will. We’re like a breath of fresh air, literally.

5. We’re feel-good and cruelty-free.

When you think of things that smell good, we’re going to guess beavers, deer, and guinea pigs don’t spring to mind. But some perfumeries still use by-products from these and other animals to formulate their proprietary scents. And most global beauty companies then test their perfumes on animals to pass import restrictions so they can distribute in certain countries. It’s dated, it’s cruel, and it’s unnecessary.

So while it means you’ll never see Skylar for sale in certain countries, you can rest assured that we never use animal by-products and we never test on animals (unless you count our staff and our friends, which is debatable). With a vast trove of plant-based ingredients to select from, we’re happy to keep delivering fresh, light, and delicious scents to your door. You can even sample all of our scents without ever leaving your home. 

5 Reasons to Swap Your Perfume for a Clean Fragrance


5 Reasons to Swap Your Perfume for a Clean Fragrance

Read more
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