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Skylar Dream Journal

Skylar Dream Journal

Live the lifestyle of your dreams. Discover clean fragrance tips, DIY recycling how-tos, cocktails to match your favorite scents and more.

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Sweet, sweet sugar. What’s not to love? But we’re not talking about eating it—we’re talking about wearing it.

skylar cane sugar alcohol

Most commercial fragrances are made with something called SD 40, which is made with ethanol that's typically fermented from corn. But Skylar scents are made using organic cane alcohol, which is derived from sugar cane. What’s the difference?

1. For one, cane alcohol is way more environmentally friendly than corn-based alcohols. An acre of sugar cane produces double the amount of alcohol than corn does, which means you don’t need as much land to produce the same quantities. It’s also energy efficient and cost effective. Win-win.

2. Organic sugar cane alcohol is even better. Since it’s distilled from cane sugar that was grown without any pesticides or fertilizers, there’s no fear of any of these chemicals ending up in, or on, your body. We can probably all agree that worry-free breathing is what we all deserve.

3. In order to be certified as organic, not only must the cane sugar itself be grown without chemicals, but the production methods used for distilling cane alcohol mustn’t result in pollutants that harm the environment. Conventional alcohol production can leave a trail of residues that infiltrate the soil, water, or air. You never have to worry about that with organic cane alcohol.

That’s why we’re so sweet on organic cane alcohol. It’s the perfect base for our luscious, natural, hypoallergenic scents, and the fact that it’s better for the earth is just icing on the cane. Curious about how Skylar? Try our scents today.

More Reasons to Love Sugar


More Reasons to Love Sugar

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Natural organic eco friendly hypoallergenic fragrance

We get it. The hunt for your signature scent is personal, and once you find it, it's hard to let go. But while traditional perfumes smell good, they're far from being good for you. Here are 5 reasons to go clean.

1. Clean ingredients

We’re committed to using the highest-quality ingredients and work with sustainable farms all over the world to get the best crops.

We proudly blend botanical-based and lab-made ingredients to ensure our products are always safe and hypoallergenic. 

2. Fragrance allergies are nothing to sneeze at.

The side effects of fragrance allergies are no joke: headaches, sneezing, watery eyes, runny or stuffy nose, itchy red skin, the list goes on. The shocker? Almost all fragrances—synthetic AND natural—are allergenic. It is estimated that 15% of all people have some sort of an allergic reaction toward traditional fragrances.

Our philosophy is to use natural ingredients as much as possible, and if the natural ingredient causes allergies, we replace it with a hypoallergenic and safe lab-made ingredient. Combining natural ingredients with safe science, the end product is something that you can wear with peace of mind, and the people around you will thank you, too.

3. More parabens, more problems.

Let’s talk parabens. The widely used preservatives are in tons of personal care and cosmetic products as a means of preventing bacterial growth (plus they’re super cost effective), but scientific studies have pointed out a link between parabens and breast cancer. That’s a big problem.

Parabens are off limits here. Instead, Skylar perfumes contain a base of organic sugar cane alcohol, which is a natural antibacterial (and another reason to love sugar).

4. Phthalates. If you can’t pronounce it, it shouldn’t be on your skin.

Fact: phthalates are in most scented products because they serve as cheap solvents and make fragrances last longer. The bad news: they’ve also been known to be hormone disrupters for over 70 years, with many studies linking phthalates to breast cancer and negative impacts on children’s development and men’s health. Phthalates are easily spread through the air and breathed in, and they're sometimes hidden from ingredient labels.

That’s just not good enough. We think everyone deserves better than that. Skylar scents contain no phtalates and never will. We’re like a breath of fresh air, literally.

5. We’re feel-good and cruelty-free.

When you think of things that smell good, we’re going to guess beavers, deer, and guinea pigs don’t spring to mind. But some perfumeries still use by-products from these and other animals to formulate their proprietary scents. And most global beauty companies then test their perfumes on animals to pass import restrictions so they can distribute in certain countries. It’s dated, it’s cruel, and it’s unnecessary.

So while it means you’ll never see Skylar for sale in certain countries, you can rest assured that we never use animal by-products and we never test on animals (unless you count our staff and our friends, which is debatable). With a vast trove of plant-based ingredients to select from, we’re happy to keep delivering fresh, light, and delicious scents to your door. You can even sample all of our scents without ever leaving your home. 

5 Reasons to Swap Your Perfume for a Clean Fragrance


5 Reasons to Swap Your Perfume for a Clean Fragrance

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Yay! You’ve found our clean, hypoallergenic and cruelty-free fragrance line (say that 10 times fast!). You'll never find phthalates or parabens anywhere near a Skylar product—ever. What does that mean for you? Peace of mind to go along with our clean scents.

Because of our light and clean formula, Skylar may wear a little differently from mainstream fragrances you’re used to, so say goodbye to being overpowered by intense (not to mention chemical-wrought and allergy-causing) perfume. Want to know our secrets to long-lasting scents? Follow these tips from our in-house fragrance experts. You can thank us later.


1. If You Build It...


Our fresh and light formula means you wear the scent (and not the other way around). It also means it’s buildable. Spray one on in the morning before you start your day, layer in a spritz of another before dinner, and you’ve got yourself a customized signature scent that mingles perfectly with your body’s natural chemistry.


2. Hair to Stay

skylar body 3 tips to make scents last longer perfume long-lasting

Spray a little Skylar on your fingers, then run your hands through your hair. Hair is a great scent carrier since it doesn’t produce body heat, which is what burns fragrance off the skin. Avoid spraying perfume directly in the hair as that can be drying; put a dab on the fingers to allow some of the alcohol to burn off first, and then your hair will hold the scent.


3. Spritz Your ‘Fit

skylar body 3 tips to make scents last longer perfume long-lasting

Clothes hold scent well, too. Skylar scents are clear in color and free of artificial dyes, so they will not stain your clothes. We recommend spritzing a little in the air and walking through the mist. You’ll be kissed with fragrance, not overwhelmed by it. And don't worry, the scent comes right out in the wash.


Want to find out which Skylar natural fragrance suits you best? Take our quiz and try our Sample Palette.

3 Tips to Make Your Scent Last Longer

How Tos

3 Tips to Make Your Scent Last Longer

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Have you wondered why the smell of homemade banana bread transports you back to your grandmother’s kitchen circa 1996? Or why the smell of coconut suntan lotion makes you instantly smile because your back on the beach during spring break with your best girlfriends?

As scent connoisseurs, the team at Skylar has been curious about the undeniable connection between scents and the emotions and memories they seem to conjure from thin air.

Is there a proven association between the two that would rationalize what we’ve all experienced at some point in our lives?

As it turns out, there absolutely is.


On a very basic level, it works something like this: 

Scent has been proven to be more directly linked to memory than any of our other senses. It makes sense, then, that it has the capacity to forge strong bonds and intimate associations, both positive and otherwise. This tendency is found in even our most primitive ancestors and is associated with an ancient part of our biology related to survival instincts about what to eat, where to go, and who to trust. 

Your "emotional brain," or limbic system, is a harbor for all kinds of sensory information that it uses to influence your mood, memory, behavior, and emotions. When you smell anything, it makes a B-line for this "processing center," which sorts its relationship to existing associations with feelings and thoughts.

Functionally, that means that each time you smell a new scent, your mind subconsciously links that scent to a certain event, person, or circumstance. Every time you smell that scent afterward, your mind is hardwired to bring you back to that place, person, or experience.


So smell is, by nature, highly associative. That’s a big part of why we all prefer different scents for reasons that are unique and not easily defined.

Because smell is highly emotional, wearing certain scents can evoke a specific emotion in the people around you. Of course, what emotion it inspires is highly subjective.

It’s no wonder fragrance is such a subtle yet potent part of style. Much like the difference between wearing grey or bright red, or your hair in beachy waves versus a ballerina bun, each scent is creating connections and informing the perception of who you are and what you communicate to the people around you.


natural perfume, organic perfume, clean beauty, green beauty, fragrance, scents

The scents that speak to us feel almost instinctive — an amalgam of our unique biology and experiences. So while it’s tempting to spring for a world-famous fragrance, or the trendy one that's a supposedly an undeniable aphrodisiac, you’re probably better off listening to your heart (and nose) on this one.

After all, your scent is something others subliminally associate with you, so it should feel authentic. Just like any other part of your life, it should reflect you in a true sense. 

Plus, it’s kind of fun to know that whoever you attract is almost undoubtedly attracted to that part of you. They have an association, or some deep biological urge, that draws them to you. At least you know that the two of you have that in common!

We’ll leave you this parting thought: Selecting a scent new to the market almost guarantees that you’re breathing some fresh life into your routine. Not to mention, there’s zero chance your mate already associates that fragrance with a past life. Better yet, consider wearing it on a bucket list vacation, so you'll never forget the time you enjoyed together. We’d be lying if we said that wasn’t worth something. ;)

Why Scents Give You All the Feels


Why Scents Give You All the Feels

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Remember your mom’s (and Grandma’s) signature scent? That one they always wore, almost without exception. There’s something comforting about it, and you have to admit: Their commitment was admirable.

But now more than ever, style is an ever-changing endeavor. Sticking to one look or scent can quickly go from classic to, well, a bit dated. And, to be honest, we all have more fun when what we wear reflects our mood. So why not have a scent wardrobe, too?

At Skylar Body, our scents are light and fresh enough for layering and wearing. To help you explore the possibilities, we put together some insider quick tips on how to mingle scents for a totally custom fragrance.

What exactly is scent layering?

Layering scents, or as we like to call it, “scent mingling,” allows you to create a new, unique scent that's as nuanced as your style — evolving according to your mood, the season, or the event you’re headed to that evening.

If layering perfume sounds intimidating, don’t worry. There are a few basics that can make it surprisingly simple.


Test first!

Before you start spritzing away, remember that this is an experiment, and sometimes experiments produce memorable, er, unusual results. To avoid getting stuck with those results all day, test every scent mixture on a piece of paper first. If it has potential and makes you smile, then try it on your skin. Pro tip: Spray each scent one after another without letting the base dry, as this creates the best blend.

Prep your skin.

Spray your scent just after you’ve gotten out of the shower and applied your lotion. Fragrance molecules are looking for something to bind to, so natural moisture helps each note ring true.

Remember that every fragrance counts.

It’s easy to think of fragrance, and fragrance layering, as limited to the perfume(s) you choose. But any scent that comes in contact with your body, including body wash, shower gel, and lotion, plays a role.

To keep your scents aligned, opt for unscented cosmetics - or make sure they closely mirror or complement your favorite fragrance.


Similarly to music, a well-composed scent has several notes that create a chord, or “accord” in this case. This can include a base note and a top note, and may also include a mid or “heart” note.

Stick to this basic structure to make sure your layered scent is harmonious and, well, makes “scents.” (Promise we won’t use that more than once.)

Striking accord.

Certain scent combinations are known to create a chord that’s very appealing, while others may make our noses wrinkle. Below are a few key hints on notes that work well together.

All about that base.

Your base note will be the “heaviest” of the scents you choose and should be applied first. Base notes play a few important roles. As the foundation of your fragrance, they give it a warm richness. And when selected well, they can actually improve the staying power of the lighter scents they’re paired with and shape the way you experience those scents, too.

Try playing with how heavy you’d like your base note to be. One spray will create a lighter overall scent, while a two to one ratio for the base note will create a deeper fragrance.

Base notes are usually grounding and comforting. Think vanilla, sandalwood or musk to start. Within the Skylar collection, Arrow offers grounding notes of vanilla and rose, while Coral creates depth with a subtle infusion of sandalwood.

Brighten up with your top note.

In contrast to your base, which is grounded and alluring, your top note should have fresh, fruity, floral, or water notes to balance out the base. Think light florals like Meadow and dewier, lighter scents like Isle as finishing touches that are versatile and largely season-agnostic.


Less is more.

You may hear of famous perfumers mixing three, four, or more scents. That can work well, especially with a finely-attuned nose. But to start, playing with two or three scents will create a distinctive bespoke fragrance you’ll love (and requires less product in the long run).

Transition throughout the day.

Once you’ve created a balanced layered scent, freshen it up mid-day with a spritz of your top note or add a bit more musk in the evening before you go out. Remember, this is all about experimentation and having fun. Your favorite scents will evolve over time, just like any style should!


Arrow + Meadow

Mingling vanilla and rose with a light floral scent is pleasant, highly versatile, and doesn’t smell quite like anything else we’ve come across.

Arrow + Isle

Adding Isle’s dewy, citrusy goodness to Arrow’s grounding notes creates a spectacularly mature, natural scent. The combination is refined, feminine, and light enough to wear any time of day.

Isle + Meadow

The sheer luminescence of Isle followed by a hint of Meadow will remind you of a sweet summer night with notes of orange blossom transporting you to a serene place.

Arrow + Coral

Because Coral already has subtler versions of the rich, grounding notes found in Arrow, combining them creates a scent that is citrusy but with greater depth and range. It flirts with the best of nature, giving you an exotic blend that balances deep and woody with bright and springtime.


Want to play?

Not quite sure which scents make the perfect layering pair? Try our Skylar Perfume Palette — all light enough to wear together or with your existing scent wardrobe — and start mingling. Even better and true to the word, invite your friends over for a night in of mixing and matching to customize scents that are sure to capture your tribe’s vibe.

Happy mingling!

How to Layer Scents Like a Perfumer

How Tos

How to Layer Scents Like a Perfumer

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perfume scent skylar body palette fragrance natural

Though you may love a wide range of scents, most of us have a specific scent family that we naturally gravitate to. You may notice it even when you’re out in nature or catch the scent of a friend’s perfume — there’s a certain type of scent that just instantly strikes a chord.

Narrowing down the scent category you love can save a lot of time and energy. When it comes to our scents, it’ll also point you in the direction of the scent you’d most enjoy.

Within the world of fragrance, there are thought to be as many as 14 scent families. Within those families, there are four essential categories.

We like to keep things simple, so we’ve distilled this process down to create four pinnacle scents that fall squarely into each category, so there’s a beautiful, versatile scent offering for every favorite.



Do you enjoy scents that are warm, grounding and a little sultry? Maybe even a touch “SLAM” (Smells Like a Man)? Muskier scents balanced out with light notes of berries and spices are your jam.

Skylar Match: ARROW

Spicy. Warm. Seductive.

“Sexy, woody, a smidge SLAM.”


Base notes:  labdanum flower, patchouli, vanilla, rose

Why you’ll love it: ARROW has breadth and depth featuring an array of grounding notes that easily make it the most seductive. Ambery-scented labdanum flowers, sweet vanilla, and earthy patchouli create the perfect foundation for sultry scent that’s light enough to wear all day.

Top notes: jasmine, neroli flower

Why you’ll love it: A touch citrus-y and flowery, these top notes add dimension and lightness to a deeper scent. They’re what take ARROW from all “base” to just a hint of sweetness.

All notes:

  • Black Currant
  • Anjou Pear
  • Schinus Molle
  • Neroli Flower  
  • Midnight Jasmine
  • Warm Labdanum
  • Patchouli Haze
  • Sweet Tonka
  • Vanilla Bean



You can’t get enough of a morning sea breeze, or the clean scent in the air after a summer storm.  If you love these water scents, you’ll naturally gravitate to the fresh scent category.

Skylar Match: ISLE

Clean. Dewy. Fresh.

“Like a long walk on the beach.”


Base note: sandalwood

Why you’ll love it: Sandalwood is the go-to grounding, nourishing scent. Blended with lighter top notes, it’s balanced and calming, without being too heavy.

Top notes: bergamot, cardamom

Why you’ll love it: Both cardamom and bergamot are subtle, slightly spicy, and very uplifting. They have way of instantly waking you up, but without the jolt.

All notes:

  • Bergamot
  • Orange Mist
  • Fresh Quince
  • Cardamom
  • Peony Caress
  • Ginger Root
  • Sandalwood
  • Subtle Musk  



Think juicy, bright and delectable. Usually marked by citrus-y, bright fruits and crisp green apple or pears that evoke a bright feeling of renewal.

If you love Spring and Summer months and bright fruity tones, this is for you.

Skylar Match: CORAL

Fruity. Floral. Flirty.

“Springtime, personified.”


Base notes: patchouli, sandalwood

Why you’ll love it: Patchouli creates an earthy quality that’s also a natural aphrodisiac (yes, really!). Though it can be misclassified as the ultimate hippy scent, patchouli mixed with other grounding notes like sandalwood makes the perfect counterpart to bright fruit scents.

Top notes: black currant, mandarin, grapefruit

Why you’ll love it: Citrusy, fruity goodness awakens the senses and instantly elevates your mood. Balanced with two grounding notes, it’s incredibly versatile and never sharp or overly acidic.

All notes:

  • Radiant Mandarin
  • Pink Grapefruit
  • Apple Blossom
  • Tuberose
  • Lily Petals
  • Golden Mimosa
  • Blooming Rose
  • Patchouli
  • Amber Glow



Is one of your favorite places a garden with fresh flowers? Often, those who love floral scents are soft spirits, who enjoy long walks in nature and an afternoon with a good book. If you’re drawn to gardenias, geraniums, and white roses, floral is for you.

Skylar match: MEADOW

Floral. Elegant. Beautiful.

“Like fresh cut flowers.”


Base notes: rose, patchouli

Why you’ll love it: Patchouli’s earthy notes blend with rose to create a soft, nurturing foundation. As a base that already contains floral notes, it blends seamlessly with lighter floral notes for a rounded, flowery scent.

Top notes: tuberose, baie rose (pink peppercorn)

Why you’ll love it: Sweet, subtle, and feminine, these flowers are known for their light, ephemeral quality. Much as you love your grandma, you don’t need to smell like her!

All notes:

  • Bright Lime
  • Orange Blossom
  • Ethereal Tuberose
  • White Rose
  • Delicate Peony
  • Gardenia
  • Geranium Leaves
  • Labdanum  
  • Patchouli Leaf


Curious what scent would fit your personality? Try our Scent Quiz for fresh perspective.

Decode Your Scent Palette

How Tos

Decode Your Scent Palette

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