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Tropical Vacation-Inspired Recipes

Bring the vacation to you with this decadent summer meal. From the Hawaiian Islands to the Carribeanthese recipes are sure to leave you asking for seconds. 

The Truth About Synthetics

Knowledge is power, and at Skylar, we believe that education for ourselves and our customers is crucial.

Where to Apply Your Perfume for Longer Wear

We all want to smell better, longer. But how do we do it? The secret is in the application.

The Best Scent For Every Zodiac Sign

Also, the scent you choose says a lot about you. Are you fun and flirty? Or sweet and romantic?

5 Ways to Get Toxic Chemicals out of Your Home

Modern life exposes us to new chemicals with unknown (and sometimes unsafe) health implications. The good news is, there’s hope! 

Skylar Blends - A Guide to Layering

Experiment with different Skylar scents and find more combinations to match your mood or occasion, the possibilities are endless!

How to Wear Exactly the Right Amount of Perfume

Ever shared an office or elevator with someone who uses too much perfume? Learn how to get that subtle touch of fresh without driving your coworkers mad. 

The Dirty Ingredients in Pretty Scents

We describe a few of the dirtiest ingredients that are often added to traditional perfumes and why you should avoid them.

Top Perfume-Applying Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)

That spritzing technique we’ve been using is all wrong! Applying perfume, much like choosing a fragrance that suits you, is a subtle art.

Detox Your Beauty Routine: A Quick-Start Guide

There are plenty of ways to detox your beauty routine. It's important to educate yourself on the different ingredients out there. 

What Makes the Perfect Summer Fragrance?

What should you look for in a clean summer fragrance? Check out our 4 tips to help you find the perfect summer scent.

How Do You Know If a Fragrance Is Clean?

Finding a clean perfume is easier than you think. Here are the top 4 ways to make sure your fragrance is free of dangerous toxins.