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Skylar Dream Journal

Skylar Dream Journal

Live the lifestyle of your dreams. Discover clean fragrance tips, DIY recycling how-tos, cocktails to match your favorite scents and more.

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Capri was created as a scent voted by our customers! This zesty and citrus scent reminds us of those Mediterranean vacations we crave during those summer days. With a citrus and sweet side, this fragrance is a refreshing day in the sun capture in a bottle. This scent is sure to bring you that uplifting and easy breezy energy you will want this summer. 


Fragrance Notes: 
Capri's most prominent notes are bergamot, neroli, and blood orange. This is where it gets the citrus but sparkling scent.
Top Notes:  The top notes are your first impression and for this zesty scent it's the bergamot and blood orange that will leave you with a sparkling but refreshing smell

Middle notes: After the first impression wears off, you meet the heart of the scent - a sweet and zesty aroma. This comes from the neroli, muguet, and dewy rose. The neroli gives it a subtle sweet smell with a citrus kick. The muguet and dewy rose blend together for a sweet smell to add a refreshing scent. Giving this summer scent the Mediterranean escape vibe we love.

Base notes: The base notes is what holds the scent together. For Capri is the 
Teakwood, Sheer Vetiver, and Crystal Musk. It gives it the woodsy scent that helps carry the middle notes together. 

Best Pair with...

Capri + Isle = The sheer, beachy base of Isle layered with the citrus pop of Neroli and grapefruit in Capri will make you feel like you’re on an Island Getaway (no matter where you are!). The bright citrus notes in Capri, bring fresh energy to our bestseller. We love this combination because it is complex, yet still very light. One of our favorites for an elevated everyday scent!
Coral + Capri = A sizzling summer combo! The apple blossom and black currant in Coral mix with Bergamot, Orange and Grapefruit in Capri to create the perfect sun-filled day. It is a delicious blend of fruity-fun and zesty citrus notes Layering these two scents has become a summer staple at Skylar. 
Capri + Willow = This combination oozes joy and serenity. The fresh, citrusy notes of Capri is the perfect compliment with the green woodsy notes of Willow. We love the way that Willow’s serenity has a grounding effect on Capri’s sparkling energy. This is our most unique and captivating combination that our Willow lovers will surely love!
Capri is one of our favorite scents to try during our summer. What scents are your favorite pairs to beat the heat?
Capri Spotlight


Capri Spotlight

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Magic Bloom is our newest scent as part of our permanent signature collection. But before it was a part of our collection, it was one of our Scent Club scents! Our customers love it so much, it was voted to be part of the official family. Magic Bloom is a quintessential spring scent that can easily transition into summer! 

      Fragrance Notes: 

Magic Bloom's most prominent scent notes are pear, yuzu, and magnolia. These notes are what give it its bright, juicy and tart fragrance.


Top notes: The top notes are your first impression and for this juicy scent it's the yuzu, asian pear, and mandarin leaf that gives it this aroma. The yuzu and asian pear give it a bright and juicy feel when you first put it on. 

Middle notes: After the first impression wears off, you meet the heart of the scent - a floral and slightly sweet scent. This comes from the magnolia, apple blossom, and honeysuckle. The magnolia comes through at first but the apple blossom and honeysuckle follow. Giving this fresh spring scent a mood-altering feeling.


Base notes: The base notes is what holds the scent together. For Magic Bloom it's the woody and earthy scents from the sandalwood, white amber, and clean musk.


Best Pair with...


Isle: Magic Bloom smells like running free through a field of flowers and the fresh aquatic notes of Isle smell like a seaside vacation. This floral, aquatic duo is the perfect pairing to brighten your day.


Salt Air: Pairing with Salt Air will add a light and fresh smell to the scent. It tones down the sweetness but it still leaves you with a juicy scent that can be worn during spring or summer. 


Magic Bloom can be worn as a base for a lot of pairings using our signature collection! Which one is your favorite pair? 

It also comes in a rollie version and full-size scent. For a limited-time only, buy a full-size Magic Bloom scent and receive a FREE Sample Palette with your order! Shop it HERE!

Magic Bloom Spotlight


Magic Bloom Spotlight

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Nothing captures a memorable moment like your favorite fragrance. Scents are our favorite way to capture a moment in time. After your wedding day is over, you get to reminisce on those sweet memories every time you put on your wedding day fragrance. But of course, in order to tell a story, the scent has to compliment the occasion. For this reason, we rounded up the best scents for your perfect wedding setting.


Summer beach Wedding: Salt Air or Isle
Inspired by the simple splendor of the ocean and beach. Salt Air and Isle will bring you back to those sweet moments when you exchange your I do’s at the beach.
Destination Wedding: Capri
Planning a destination wedding ? Capri is our Mediterranean-inspired, citrus escape! Transport yourself back to the relaxing, care-free day of your wedding. 
Outdoors Wedding: Willow
Willow exudes balance, growth, and harmony. It embodies everything we love about the outdoors. The sweetest reminder of your dreamy outdoor wedding. 
Small Backyard Wedding: Sun Shower
The revitalizing nature of being outdoors under the beautiful sunlight is captured in this scent with its uplifting aroma. Perfect to remember those al fresco moments spent with close family and friends. 
Classic Formal Wedding: Vanilla Sky 
Vanilla Sky is a decadent gourmand fragrance. A sweet and warm aroma that is the ideal scent for those candlelight dinners in your beautiful indoor venue.
The Wedding Edit - The Best Scent For Your Wedding


The Wedding Edit - The Best Scent For Your Wedding

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Sunny days are here and we're finding ourselves craving the beach more than ever! Our best-selling scent, Salt Air, is a breezy, salty and fresh scent that embodies the ease of summer.  Dive into the warmth of the season and emerge refreshed and renewed with salt in your hair and a tan on your skin. 


Fragrance Notes: 


Driftwood - Sea Salt - Seaweed

Salt Air's sea-scape elements create this must-have summer scent. The main fragrance notes give Salt Air a breezy, beachy scent- the true essence of a day at the beach.
Top Notes: 
Salt Air's top notes will be your first impression. Italian bergamot, sea salt, and seaweed make up this quintessential summer scent. If you're craving the summer smell, these notes accomplish just that. 
Middle Notes:
The middle notes are the heart of the scent! For Salt Air, it's where the notes of cotton blossom, water lily, and cyclamen come in. It's a clean, fresh scent that whisks you away to a seaside vacation. Soft, aquatic, and airy - it's a day in the ocean in one spritz.
Base Notes:
The base notes are the foundation. For Salt Air, it's drift wood, vanilla, and musk! These notes bring a woody and earthy tone to the fragrance. They help carry the middle notes to bring you a delicate and lasting experience.

Best paired with...

We love creating unique combinations with Salt Air. The easy, breezy and fresh essence of the scent, make it easy to pair!
Capri- Make it a citrus escape! Salt Air + Capri is the Italian vacation we're craving right now. Citrus, zesty, and oh so fresh...we have our summer scent on lockdown.
Vanilla Sky- Add a little sweetness and warmth to this airy scent. Vanilla Sky is a decadent gourmand fragrance with rich warm vanilla notes and hints of cappuccino.  
Magic Bloom - Into florals? Spring is here and we think mixing Magic Bloom with Salt Air might be our go-to mix. The floral, bright, and tart scent from Magic Bloom will elevate Salt Air into a breezy spring day.
Sun Shower - This cool and citrus scent add the perfect amount of zest to Salt Air. Perfect combination to transition from spring to summer! Feel renewed and refreshed.
Ready to transport yourself to the best summer memories with one spritz?
Salt Air Spotlight


Salt Air Spotlight

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Spring is here and we're reaching for clean and refreshing scents! Sun Shower is a fun, citrus scent that will awaken your senses from the moment you put it on. The aroma is light and fresh but its lasting power is strong. Just one spray will have you feeling like you're walking on sunshine. 

Shop: Sun Shower

Fragrance Notes:

These are the overarching smells you will get throughout the fragrance. 

Lemon Leaves - Jasmine Tea - Meadow Greens
Top Notes: 
Sun Shower's top notes will be your first impression! For this best-selling scent that includes: Italian Bergamot, Lemon Leaves and Jasmine Tea. Which means right from the start you will get the citrus and fresh scent we love. 
Middle Notes:
As we get to the middle notes, this is the aroma that will stay with you the longest! The Ginger Flower, Meadow Greens and Lily give the scent a stronger and smooth smell. It's where you will get the uplifting aroma!
Base notes:
The base notes help carry the middle notes. This smell will be the last thing you smell! So it's a good thing that Sun Shower's notes of Cedarwood, Cypress and Guaiacwood are still a refreshing scent. These woody notes blend with the middle notes to give you the dewy and cool fragrance we love!

Best Paired with...

Salt Air - Salt Air is a fresh and light fragrance! It embodies the ease of summer and when you mix it with Sun Shower it adds a citrus and cool aroma that will have you feeling renewed.
Isle- Inspired by the purity of water and the ease of a day spent near the ocean, Isle is clean, fresh, with a slight citrus scent. Add Sun Shower to it, and it's a pair that will surely bring you joy.
This scent will transition from spring to summer in the best way possible. 
Sun Shower Spotlight


Sun Shower Spotlight

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We know it’s winter but Coral has us reminiscing about warmer weather. Coral is an instant happiness booster thanks to its fruity and floral scent. The first smell you get is its fruity and flirty aroma coming from the top notes of apple blossom and grapefruit. Then the heart of Coral's scent comes when the middles notes from the lily petals and the tuberose start adding the floral smell. The base notes linger the longest, that’s when Coral’s fresh and floral scent comes into to play the most.  
It’s the perfect scent to give you a little boost each time you spray it. A nice reminder that summer days are coming.

Fragrance Notes

  • Sandalwood is a woody ingredient, but its aroma is very soft, warm, smooth and creamy. It has a very relaxing quality, and serves as a great base for a lot of fragrances. 
  • Patchouli is an herb from the mint family. It has a musky and earthy scent, but also has a sweet aroma to it. 
  • Black Currant is a berry fruit which is where Coral gets its rich fruity scent. The aroma is a mix of fresh, floral and a little bit of a citrus. 


Best Paired with...

Isle -   Isle is clean, fresh and when mixed with Coral, adds a fruity and floral scent that is subtle and refreshing. 
Capri- Capri has a citrus, zesty scent and when combined with Coral it makes an invigorating fragrance from the moment you smell it.
Sun Shower - Sun Shower is another citrus scent, but it has a fresher and cleaner scent that boosts the juicy and flirty smell of Coral. 

Coral is best for…

Summer days, early mornings, beach day with your best friend, and winter days reminiscing about summer.

You'll Love This If You Are...

A girl's girl, optimistic with a happy and positive outlook on everything, looking for my next fun adventure.


Coral Fragrance Spotlight

Coral Fragrance Spotlight

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