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What's in Skylar's Bag: Beach Edition

Dive into the uplifting essence of our new Scent Club fragrance: Beach House. Beach House embodies the joy and ease of summertime. More importantly, Beach House inspires us to pack up and get outside!

Finding Rest and Relaxation with Skylar Body

Taking the time for yourself can be difficult, but it’s inarguably important. Take a look at our tips for winding down after a long day with some of our favorite Skylar Body products!

A Guide to Get Moving with Skylar

Feeling in need of a new workout routine? Skylar has you covered with our favorite workout resources and the launch of our new Deodorant Duo. Incorporate both of our non-toxic deodorants into your workout routine, or just daily life!

Our Ojai Sunset Playlist

We had a blast putting together a list of tunes for this month's scent that are bright, fun, and sure to kick off your summer the right way.

Our Coco Colada Playlist

Our Boho Bloom Playlist

Lovingly selected by our team, we hope this selection of Boho Bloom-inspired music transports you to sweet, carefree moments, with a hop in your step and flowers in your hair. 

Deodorant Detox: Here's What To Expect.

Making the switch to a non-toxic deodorant is a big and exciting step. Here's what to expect during your 4-week detox! 

Why should you switch from your regular deodorant

Let’s talk about sweat. Why do our bodies need it? Where do we sweat the most and why do we smell when we sweat?

Clean Deodorant 101—And Why We’re Excited To Introduce Our First Deodorants

Choosing a natural deodorant that works can feel daunting - which is why we did the leg work for you. Starting from scratch, our team formulated a deodorant that kept all the good and none of the bad.

Skylar Hand Cream: A Deep Dive Into Peptides

Introducing our Renewing Hand Cream, a clean, silky smooth moisturizer formulated with hyaluronic acid and an age-defying peptide. What are peptides? Read on to find out. 

Our Body Care: 5 Ingredients. Big Impact.

Packed with incredible skin-loving ingredients that nourish the skin you have now while simultaneously ensuring your future skin is as hydrated, dewy and healthy as possible. 

6 Reasons to Join the Scent Club Today

Interested in the Scent Club and looking to learn more? Here are 6 reasons why the Scent Club is a must-have for fragrance newbies and enthusiasts alike.