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Skylar Dream Journal

Skylar Dream Journal

Live the lifestyle of your dreams. Discover clean fragrance tips, DIY recycling how-tos, cocktails to match your favorite scents and more.

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Are you zooming with your friends, preparing a date night, or treating yourself? Then this Love Letter inspired cocktail will be just the thing you need. This cocktail is easy, delicious, and in theme for the month!
 Shop: Love Letter 
What you will need?
  • 1 1/2 ounces gin

  • 3/4 ounce applejack

  • 1/4 ounce lemon juice (fresh)

  • 2 dashes grenadine

  • 1 egg white

  •        Optional: 1 strawberry (or cherry)
How to make it:

Gather all your ingredients, mix them together in a cocktail shaker, then pour into a glass! Add a strawberry ( or cherry) to the glass to give it that extra touch!

Tip: Want it frosty? Just add ice to your cocktail shaker and shake until it's chilled. 

Then it's ready to go! Share it with a friend, a love one, or treat yourself to a relaxing day with a nice drink in hand. 



Love Letter Cocktail - Pink Lady

Love Letter Cocktail - Pink Lady

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So you're finding yourself at home with one of our candles ready for a day of relaxation. But before you embark on your sweet aroma escape, there are a few tips we want you to know to maximize your experience. Here are our five tips for caring for your candle!
Before Burning
1. Trim your wick. After using your candle for a while your wick will start looking longer than the first time you opened it. To ensure your candle burns longer and more efficiently we recommend trimming your wick. Optimal length should be under a centimeter.
2. Safe Keeping. It is always good to keep the candle in its original box and protect it from discoloration, fading, and collecting dust. Keep the wax pool clear of wick trimmings and debris, including burnt matches.
While it's Burning
3. Candle's optimal burning time. We recommend burning your candle for no more than 4 hours. But if you can’t wait to fuel your senses with the smell, you can at least wait 2 hours before lighting it up again.
4. Burn evenly! You know the rim of wax left around your candle after you blow the flame? Yup, it’s best to avoid those. It’s important that your candle burns completely liquid equally across the surface before you turn it off. Usually this process can take 2-3 hour.
So before you light up your candle, make sure you have enough time to enjoy it.
After burning
5. Recenter your candle's wick. After you blow your candle, check the status of your wick. If you need to recenter your wick, slowly guide it back to the middle of your candle.
We hope you apply any of these tips next time you light one of our candles. Are there any other tips you practice to maximize your candle's life?
Candle Care 101 - 5 ways to care for your candle

Candle Care 101 - 5 ways to care for your candle

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It’s our last month of summertime and we couldn’t be more sad to see the season go (although we could all live without the mosquito bites). It’s the perfect time to embrace the spirit of summer with a dinner party filled with the refreshing flavor of seasonal foods. Our dinner parties may look a bit different this year, whether that means a socially distanced gathering in your backyard, a zoom party, or a simple family dinner, but the most important piece will remain: connecting with others over a meal.

Sun Shower’s notes of meadow greens, lemon leaves, and jasmine tea sum up the best parts of summer, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and perfectly relaxed. Enjoy this dinner party meal inspired by our newest core collection scent.

A refreshing starter:

Main Course + Colorful Side:

And finally, a sweet treat:

Here at Skylar, we're taking advantage of our last few weeks of summer fun! We hope you enjoy this meal with family, friends, and our summer must-have: Sun Shower

Sun Shower x Summer Dinner Party


Sun Shower x Summer Dinner Party

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Over here at Skylar, we get that it’s easy to feel worn down and tired after being stuck inside for so long. That’s why we’ve brought you the ultimate scent of renewal. Sun Shower combines citrus notes of lemon leaves with the freshness of meadow greens and jasmine tea to refresh your soul and re-energize your spirit. Allow this vibrant scent to inspire some new movement and awaken you from quarantine slumber.

  1. Go on a picnic!

Picnicking is a fun and simple way to get out of the house and soak in some fresh air, nature, and sunlight. Neighborhood parks offer plenty of green space to safely social distance from others while enjoying a meal and letting your meadow greens scent notes shine through (other picnic options include backyards, balconies, lookout points, beaches). Grab a blanket, a speaker, a board game, and a basket full of good eats for a surefire way to combat the quarantine blues.

  1. Meditate!

During these difficult times battling the pandemic, we understand that everyone is experiencing higher stress levels and anxiety about the future. Meditation can help you to refocus yourself on the present and the aspects of your life that you can control. Practice including meditation during your self care sessions to increase self awareness, practice stress-management, increase creativity, and combat depression and anxiety. Meditate outside for the added benefits of vitamin D and allow Sun Shower’s notes of jasmine tea to calm and relax your body.

Some excellent meditation resources can be found here.

  1. Become a plant parent!

Houseplants are a great way to open up your living space to new energy; benefits of houseplants include a boost in mood, productivity, and creativity, reduced stress and fatigue, and cleaner indoor air. Some beginner friendly (nearly impossible to kill) plants include: Pothos Ivy, Aloe Plants, Spider Plants, and Jade Plants.

  1. Start a book club!

A book club with friends is the perfect motivator for all of us that love to say we’re going to start reading more before proceeding to open Netflix. Set up a standing zoom call with your club once a week or once every two weeks to chat about the latest in your selected book and to catch up with each other. Being apart from friends and family has been difficult; a book club can act as a great shared experience to help you feel more connected to your loved ones.

A list of Black owned independent bookstores to support can be found here!

  1. Do a summer clean out!

Give your living space a fresh, clean look to go with your fresh, clean scent! Donate those old clothes you haven’t worn in a year, toss out your expired makeup, and declutter your desk. Your environment influences your mood; clear space = clear mind.

Let the Good in: Sun Shower Inspired Quarantine Activities


Let the Good in: Sun Shower Inspired Quarantine Activities

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We understand. We understand that times are different and that you might need a minute to breathe. Our first recommendation is to get moving (practice yoga, go on a run, or take a walk). However, sometimes there is only so much that a yoga practice can solve. Sometimes you just need something to make you laugh, think, or spark some curiosity. We’ve curated a list of movies, books, and TV shows that are the perfect distraction (and source of laughter) for summer 2020. Sit back, and feel good!


You can’t go wrong with a Friday movie night with a glass of wine or a Sunday morning movie marathon with an iced coffee. Get your friends to select one of these movies and have a virtual movie party.



One of our favorite activities is soaking up the sun with a good book. Reading is the perfect activity to get your mind off your stresses and take some time for yourself. All of these books are sure to immerse you in another world and (maybe) make you laugh.


TV Shows

We can’t get enough of these shows! You’ll love the relatable aspects of “Girls”, the silly parts of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”, and the social commentary from “Insecure”. Take a day to sit back and get obsessed with our favorite TV series!



Sit Back, Feel Good Activities


Sit Back, Feel Good Activities

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Summer has just kicked off and here at Skylar we could not be more excited. Summer time means that there are a plethora of fun activities to enjoy that are exclusively meant for sunny days. This being said, we like to choose a specific scent for each event on our summer calendar! Each Skylar fragrance gives off a different and exciting energy, made specifically for your on the go lifestyle. All of our hypoallergenic fragrances use clean, conscious ingredients to craft beautiful and innovative scents. Our product philosophy is simple - use the good and lose the bad. Now, lets see what each of our signature scents has in store for you this summer! 

Salt Air and Isle: a day at the beach

These two scents embody the natural and bare essence of a summer beach day. Their breezy scent notes of sandalwood leave you smelling clean, yet delicious. Layer these scents together to achieve your effortless “cool girl” smell. Bring your sunscreen, your packed coolers, and your swimsuit!

Capri: outdoor lunch with friends

Capri reminds us of an idyllic day basking out on the Amalfi Coast. However, actually traveling to Italy this summer is not really in the books. Instead, let Capri’s zesty and invigorating scent notes of neroli and bergamot mentally transport you to Italy at an outdoor luncheon. Spritz on Capri when it’s time for lunch and drinks with friends! Soak up the sun at your outdoor lunch and enjoy your favorite glass of white wine. With Capri any ladies lunch can become a day on the mediterranean coast. 

Meadow: a picnic with your crush

Meadow is our signature scent for your inner sweetheart. Its soft notes of jasmine and orange blossom make our heart flutter! Spritz on Meadow for a dreamy date at your local park or flower field. Meadow is made for a sweet summer day surrounded by flowers. Let your summer romance blossom with the help of Meadow! 

Coral: farmer's market excursion 

Bright, exciting, and sun-kissed! Coral is our fruity scent fit for your adventurer. Coral’s bright scent notes pair perfectly with a summer day spent at your local farmer's market. Explore the daily thrill of seeing what produce your local farmers have to offer and perhaps try something new! Bring a friend for a fun day of sampling fresh berries and grabbing lemonades, or go alone for the solace. Coral’s cheeky notes of grapefruit and apple blossom scream summer time! 

Arrow: sunset date night 

Feeling flirty this summer season? Arrow is the perfect scent to fill your soul with confidence and romance, it’s simply unforgettable. Arrow’s notes of vanilla and jasmine radiate glamour and mystery. Make sure to bring Arrow along for a sunset date night. Fill up your glass with your favorite red, put on that outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks, and enjoy your ideal sunset date under the pink sky. The night is yours with Arrow!

Willow: family cookout

This forest-inspired scent is made for a laid back family barbeque. We created Willow to enhance your everyday life. Willow is clean, simple, and serene. Spritzing on Willow is essential for your casual Sundays spent with family and friends. Willow perfectly suits you for your “days off” when you still are aiming to impress. Fire up the grill and open up a beer, it’s time to enjoy your laughter filled summer day! 


A Skylar Scent for Every Summer Moment


A Skylar Scent for Every Summer Moment

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